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5 Ways to Hit Your Summer Body Goals

Summer is here and it’s time for fun and adventure! If you’ve packed on more pounds than you realized over the winter, don’t worry. We have five ways to hit your summer body goals and feel more confident in your summer clothes.

#1 Identify What Your Body Needs

Check your nutrition. When you start a new exercise program or ramp up your regular routine, it’s important to check that you’re getting the right nutrition. Start your THRIVE 60-Day Challenge to fill nutritional gaps and give your body the energy it needs to hit those goals!

THRIVE E60 has three simple steps, making it easy to transition your nutrition plan into your summer schedule – because it’s all done in the first 30 minutes of your day. 

Plus, Step 2 of THRIVE E60 is a lifestyle shake, perfect the hot days. Start every day with a refreshing smoothie to cool you down and keep you going strong through the long summer days. 

Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Rest. When you’re setting your summer body goals, don’t forget to factor in all the summer activities with kids, friends, and family. Your body may need extra rest and recuperation with the increase in activities. Summer should be about adventure and relaxation! 

Set realistic goals. When you set goals, take into account:

  • Your starting point.
  • Where you want to end up.
  • Your main responsibilities.
  • Your normal schedule

We applaud your desire to set big goals, that’s fantastic. As you set those big goals, remember that your focus is to accomplish them over time to obtain optimum health. You’re in this for the marathon, not the sprint!

So remember not to shoot for 0 to 60 in three seconds – that can lead to injuries and discouragement, blocking you from attaining your goals. 

Instead of goals that lead to defeat, like this: 

  • Starting tomorrow, I will exercise 5 days at the gym instead of 1 day a week. 
  • Drop 30 lbs. in one month to fit into the bikini I bought several sizes too small.

Try goals that empower, like this: 

  • Work up to exercising 5-6 days a week (look into a fitness trainer or program that will help me with this). 
  • Workout 3 days in the gym and 2-3 days at home. 
  • Increase training intensity and add strength training to my exercise program. 
  • Improve upper body strength and build a stronger core, so I feel more comfortable in my clothes and swimwear.

Once you’ve set your goals, wow, you’ve already accomplished a big step! Keep going, and don’t give up.

#2 Focus on Your Whole Body

It may be tempting to focus on problem areas like belly fat, instead, focus on your whole body. It may seem more intimidating to focus on your whole body, but believe us when we say, you’ll see better results. 

Here’s why: full-body workouts are more effective for weight loss and lean muscle gains.

Pro Tip: Remember, a full-body workout should only be done 2-3 days a week; give yourself plenty of recovery time. 

Examples of full-body exercises: deadlift, kettlebell swings, burpees

Caveat: If your summer body goals are focused on bulking up and building mass in targeted areas, then body-part split workouts are the way to go. 

Sample workouts to do at home. 

#3 Change things up 

Don’t stay cooped up inside while you wait to hit your summer body goals! After being stuck inside all winter, it’s time to shake off the cold-weather blues and change up your routine.

Do you normally exercise in the gym? Get outside with beach volleyball, jogging, or mountain hiking. 

Whatever you choose, get that body out in the sun, and enjoy the fun summer activities. 

Outdoor exercise:

  • Jump rope
  • Skating/roller blading
  • Backward running
  • Park bench push up
  • Bike riding
  • Park strength-training
  • Pool aerobics or swimming laps
  • Rowing

Pro Tip: Don’t exercise outdoors in the middle of the day. Get outside early, before the heat and humidity hits, or later in the afternoon when things start to cool down. 

#4 Don’t Skip Recovery

It can be tempting to skip recovery time and push through to accomplish your goals. But, this is one time when pushing through could push you back! 

Overexercising can lower testosterone and increase cortisol. The result? It produces the exact opposite of what you’re working towards: loss of muscle and increase of belly fat. 

It can also lead to injuries. Recovery time isn’t laziness, it’s a necessity; give your body what it needs, and you’ll start seeing progress. 

You’re doing great! If balancing your workouts with recovery time sounds overwhelming, don’t give up. Find an exercise partner or reach out to someone at your local gym to get extra support.

  • After exercising, take THRIVEFIT | RECOVER to help boost lean muscle mass growth and recovery.+ 
  • Don’t get overheated! Remember it’s summer; staying hydrated is even more important.
  • Drink plenty of water and make sure you cool down after working out. 
  • Get a massage to help your muscles recover after exercise.
  • Take at least one rest day every six to ten days of exercise. If you’re doing strength training, the frequency and amount of recovery time needed will increase. 
  • Incorporate active recovery. This can include low-intensity activity between sets, adding 6-10 minutes of cool down after exercise, and low-intensity activity on your recovery days. 

Pro Tip: Active recovery can include stretching, walking, jogging, etc. Choose your active recovery exercise based on your fitness level. For example, if running is your regular exercise, jogging will be too much for your active recovery day, instead, try walking or stretching.

#5 Track and Share Your Progress 

Making progress can feel slow! Slow and steady wins the race, so don’t give up when it feels like the pounds aren’t dropping or you’re struggling through every workout. We know you can hit your summer body goals, so keep going! 

Funny enough, you may be the last person to realize that you’re moving forward. 

That’s why it’s important to track and share your progress. When you do, other people will encourage and motivate you and it provides accountability not to give up. 

After you’ve set your goals keep track of your progress by: 

  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Body measurements
  • Clothing size
  • Current exercise program 
  • A personally summary of your overall strength and wellness 

Take pictures of yourself (front and side view), and resist the urge to suck in your stomach! It’s important to record your starting point, so you can look back and be encouraged by what you accomplish. 

Other ways to move forward with good support:

  • Take exercise classes.
  • Join the THRIVE E60 Challenge.
  • Find a local exercise meetup or group to join.
  • Ask a friend or partner to join you so you can work towards your goals together.
  • Don’t weigh yourself every day! Try weighing at the end of each week instead. 

Remember, hitting your summer body goals shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying your summer! Don’t wait to live your life until you’ve hit your ideal size or weight. Your life is now and it’s time to enjoy it. 

Share your goals with us on social media using #Thrive60 

++ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for individuals under 18 years of age. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult a doctor before using this product. If you are taking any medication, or have any type of medical issue, consult with a doctor before using this product.

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