healthy energy drinks

Say Goodbye To Extra Sugar: Try These Healthy Energy Drinks Instead

It’s 3 pm and you’re struggling to stay awake, but you’ve got a deadline that you can’t miss — so you grab an energy drink.  You get enough energy to power through the afternoon, but you also get unwanted sugar, artificial ingredients and extra caffeine that can cause your heart rate to spike and leave you ...

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morning shakes for weight loss

Morning Shakes for Weight Loss That Will Keep You Full Until Lunchtime

If you thought a delicious, complete, morning shake for weight loss was hard to make, think again!  Luckily, with only a little bit of effort, you can whip up a morning shake that will keep you satisfied for hours.  Our base is THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix.  The mix contains Le-Vel’s blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant ...

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working out with friends

Why Working Out with Friends is Better for Your Body — and Your Mind

Whether you’re working out on your own or with a buddy, it’s easy to let exercise fall by the wayside when life gets busy. But research continually shows that working out with friends — and even surrounding yourself with health-minded people — is likely to lead to long-term success:  According to one study, 95 percent of people ...

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healthy snacks for weight loss

6 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Did you know by eating healthy snacks for weight loss, you can deal with cravings while losing weight? You might think snacking and losing weight are enemies, but there are ways to curb your between-meal hunger pangs without derailing your plans to slim down. We’ve compiled a list of six healthy snacks for weight loss ...

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Fitness goals

How to Set Fitness Goals and Crush Them

What fitness goals do you want to accomplish in your health journey? Whether you’re planning to slim down, build muscle or cut out sugar, we’ll show you four ways to set fitness goals and crush them, just like our Ultimate THRIVER Season 2 contest winners did. The Ultimate Thriver Competition is a 12-week physical transformation ...

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