how to lose baby weight

Real Moms Share How to Lose Baby Weight

Your body goes through a lot with nine months of pregnancy and giving birth to a precious baby. Muscles have been activated you never knew you had, and you’ve gone through the whole gamut of emotions known to the human race.  But now you’re faced with trying to lose the dreaded baby weight. Before you do ...

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holiday gift guide 2021

2021 Official Le-Vel Holiday Gift Guide

The Official Le-Vel Holiday Gift Guide for 2021 has arrived! We've got gift ideas for every friend, family member or colleague on your list! We've even broken it down for you into two categories, Gifts She'll Love and Gifts For Him. Health and wellness is the ultimate gift you can give anyone, and ...

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Can probiotics help you lose weight

5 Gut Health Must-Haves that Prove Probiotics Can Help You Lose Weight

Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? You may have heard probiotics are important for gut health, but can probiotics help you lose weight? Yes, they can! The gut is the epicenter of your overall wellness and that includes body weight. Having diverse gut flora aids proper digestion of food, as well as absorption of the nutrients ...

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healthy alternatives to coffee

Replace Your Morning Coffee & Stay Awake with 5 Healthy Alternatives

We’ve all seen the lists of healthy alternatives to coffee. Green tea, apple cider vinegar, coconut water... Who can stomach apple cider vinegar as a replacement for the comforting and energizing goodness of a pumpkin spice latte? If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to coffee, we have some new, tastier, and more exciting options for ...

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How Does THRIVE Heat Work And When’s The Best Time To Use It?

Before buying THRIVE Heat, the latest metabolic boosting product from Le-Vel featuring its signature cutting-edge delivery method—SPT (Sequential Powder Technology), we all want to know what it does and how it actually works. Thermogenesis, the process through which the body produces heat to burn calories, is the primary way our bodies burn calories and fat. But, ...

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