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5 Tips to Eat Healthy During the Holidays — Without Missing Out

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5 Tips to Eat Healthy During the Holidays — Without Missing Out

The holidays are here again, and so are our tips to eat healthy during the holidays. ‘Tis the season for friends, family, and feasting! 

How do you enjoy the festivities without undoing the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to maintain all year? 

It’s easier than you might think! With a little planning and preparation, you can savor the holiday season without guilt — and without breaking out your stretchy pants. 

Here are 5 tips to eat healthy during the holidays without feeling like you’re missing out: 

Stick to your 3 Steps in the Morning

Stay true to your daily THRIVE Experience regimen! A healthy breakfast is an essential part of everyone’s morning routine. Eating a healthy morning meal (like a lifestyle shake or an omelet packed with hearty veggies) along with Step 1 and Step 3 of the THRIVE Experience gives you the fuel you need to start the day, and it also sets the tone for the rest of your daily meals. People who tend to skip breakfast or hit the drive-thru on their way to work also tend to gravitate towards unhealthy lunch and dinner choices. In the long run, this can sabotage your holiday health goals, especially if you’re managing your weight.

Pregame thoughtfully

Don’t skip meals leading up to a holiday party to save calories — it can backfire and lead to overindulgence. Instead, eat a healthy snack before you head out to an event so you don’t make a beeline for the food when you get there! Your best bet is to choose foods that are high in protein, fiber, or complex carbohydrates that will help you feel full, like apple slices with peanut butter, a turkey roll-up, or hummus and pita bread. Then you won’t be tempted to overdo it on high-calorie holiday treats.  

Beware liquid calories

For lots of people, no holiday party is complete without a festive cocktail. But watch out: one glass of eggnog can set you back 400 calories or more! So take it easy on the booze this season, and follow the one-to-one rule — drink one glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you consume. Plus, staying hydrated will prevent you from overeating. 

Skip the stuffing

Unless stuffing is your favorite thing, that is! What we mean by “skip the stuffing” is pass on filler foods — dishes that aren’t really special. Instead, spend those calories on the things you’ve been looking forward to since Halloween. Sure, mashed potatoes are amazing, but you can have those any time! Fill your plate with foods that only tend to come out at the holidays and are worth the indulgence — things like your granny’s sweet potato pie or your sister’s snickerdoodles. And savor every last bite!  

Get a move on

Between traveling, parties, and visiting family, sticking to a workout schedule during the holidays can be a challenge. You may not make it to the gym as often as you’d like, and that’s okay. Remember that something is better than nothing! When shopping, park in the farthest row from the entrance to get in a few extra steps, and take the stairs instead of the escalator. Even better, make exercise a fun family activity — take a walk after dinner or set up a game of touch football.

Don’t be a Grinch

There’s no reason to hate on the holidays. A plan and a positive attitude are all you need to eat healthy throughout the season while enjoying the festivities with family and friends. And above all else, be kind to yourself. If you eat one (or eight) too many gingersnaps, don’t beat yourself up! Just move on and get back on track the following day. 

Happy holidays, THRIVERS!

The THRIVING Holiday Gift Guide

The THRIVING Holiday Gift Guide

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5 Tips for a Stress-free Holiday Season

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5 Tips for a Stress-free Holiday Season

It’s so easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit – in the wrong way. With seasonal movies and social media posts depicting idyllic scenes, we might feel the need to create our own picture-perfect home and events. The problem is, life isn’t perfect, so trying to make it that way leads to worry and frustration. How can we achieve a stress-free holiday season that brings us and our loved ones joy? Try these tips to help you find pleasure as you decorate, plan, wrap, pack and celebrate this year.

Don’t Do It Alone

Turn to family and friends for assistance with decorating, baking cookies and other festive activities. You can bond and make new traditions (and train the kids to take over these tasks!) while checking items off your list.

Hire outside help for the less fun chores like house-cleaning, putting up outdoor lights, assembling or wrapping gifts – whatever is time-consuming or not enjoyable for you.

Pick up prepared foods such as store-bought pies and meat-and-cheese trays to save yourself from having to do one more thing for a potluck or your own party.

Make Time for Yourself

While the holidays are about giving to others, don’t neglect your own needs. Maintain your daily routines as much as possible, including sticking to your usual sleep schedule. 

Take time to exercise, pamper yourself or meditate so that you can stay healthy and cheerful throughout the season. 

If you’re new to meditation, download the always-free Smiling Mind app for guided, 10-minute exercises. You’ll feel calmer and more clear-headed afterward.

Forget Perfection

Remember that you’re not in a competition. No one will judge your decorating skills – unless you signed up for a gingerbread house contest! Your family would rather see you happy than to have every aspect of the holiday look like a photo in a magazine. Plus, when you make room for stress-free holiday season by letting go of perfection, your family will feel less pressure to keep your home in perfect order 24/7.

Choose Wisely

Don’t feel the pressure to attend every party you’re invited to or to send a card to everyone you know. Unlike Santa, you don’t have a crew of elves or a team of reindeer to make magically spread holiday cheer to all. Consider who is most important to you and concentrate on them. 

Focus on What Truly Matters

Ultimately, the holidays aren’t about gifts, pretty lights or parties. They’re about quality time with family and friends, worshipping and giving to the less fortunate. Come up with simple ways to incorporate these ideals into your celebrations this year. If you find yourself stressing out about the details, return to thinking about the real reasons for the season.

We wish you and yours a merry and stress-less holiday filled with love, peace and prosperity! 

Exceeding Expectations: Over $1,000,000 in Donations to NBCF

THRIVER generosity made Le-Vel a Circle of Hope Award Recipient, National Breast Cancer Foundation’s top donor level! A select a group of THRIVERS traveled to Dallas last Friday, November 21st, to tour the National Breast Cancer Foundation facility, receive the award and help assemble loving HOPE Kits.

Le-Vel Promoters receiving the Circle of Hope Award, the top honor from the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

THRIVERS were selected from Breast Cancer Awareness DFT orders placed through October 15, 2019. All travel and accommodation costs were be covered by Le-Vel.

“On behalf of all of our Promoters and customers, we’re honored to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation in its goal to increase the number of breast cancer survivors and ensure that women everywhere have access to the resources and information they need for early detection and treatment. Reaching $1 million in donations is an important milestone for THRIVERS everywhere and shows the incredible impact we are making together.”

Le-Vel Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette.

Each individual’s PINK DFT Ultra and PINK Label contributions made the difference in surpassing this monumental milestone. Thank you for your involvement in the 2019 campaign!


How to Have a THRIVIN’ Thanksgiving: A To-Do List

How to Have a THRIVIN’ Thanksgiving: A To-Do List

Thanksgiving is just two days away, THRIVERS! Are you ready for food, family, and fun? 

Between the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie, it’s easy to get carried away at Thanksgiving and negate the hard work you’ve put in all year to maintain a healthy weight. 

But by adding SCULPT to the THRIVE Experience, you can not only stay on track this Thanksgiving, you can take your results to new levels! 

The dynamic combination of SCULPT and the THRIVE Experience delivers more than 100 premium-grade ingredients that work together to fill nutritional gaps and help your body perform better while eliminating inches from your waistline.

What’s even better is that it’s simple! Just follow the same 3-step process, but take SCULPT capsules along with your THRIVE M or THRIVE W capsules first thing in the morning. That’s it!

See? Just a little planning and preparation will enable you to celebrate turkey day without derailing your progress. 

To that end, we’ve put together a Thanksgiving to-do list to help you stay on track and have a THRIVIN’ holiday! 

Things to do before Thanksgiving Day:

  • Pick out something nice to wear (don’t forget matching DFT!)
  • Get your skin looking picture-perfect
  • Choose a second, post-meal outfit (one that includes an elastic waistband, preferably)
  • Stalk your cousins’ Facebook (what are their kids’ names again?)
  • Clean out the fridge (you’re gonna need room for leftovers!)
  • Get in a workout 
  • Grab a bottle of wine or other host gift (unless YOU’RE hosting — then grab an extra bottle for yourself)
  • Pick a book for the plane or car ride
  • Make dishes that need to be chilled
  • Enjoy a warm beverage and relax before the madness begins!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, THRIVERS!