Fitness goals

How to Set Fitness Goals and Crush Them

What fitness goals do you want to accomplish in your health journey? Whether you’re planning to slim down, build muscle or cut out sugar, we’ll show you four ways to set fitness goals and crush them, just like our Ultimate THRIVER Season 2 contest winners did. The Ultimate Thriver Competition is a 12-week physical transformation challenge created to inspire people to tone up, get in shape and THRIVE. Be accountable Confide in ...

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alkaline beverages

Stay Healthy and Hydrated with Alkaline Beverages this Summer

Consuming alkaline beverages and food can help you achieve a healthy pH balance, which promotes digestive system health, bone density and muscle mass. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being alkaline (with 7 being neutral). The ideal pH level in your body is around 7.3, which can be achieved by adding more alkaline-forming foods to your diet, and reducing your intake ...

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le-vel thrive promoter

What is Being a Le-Vel THRIVE Promoter All About?

Le-Vel THRIVE Promoter — the title has a nice ring to it, right? If you are loving the THRIVE Experience and find yourself telling people about the premium vitamin supplements that have you feeling more energized and focused than ever, then you could be a Brand Promoter! What does it mean to become a Promoter? First and foremost, it means you can get your THRIVE for free! But you can also ...

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how to get in a better mood

How to Get in a Better Mood

We all have had one of those days where we feel down.  The pressure of work deadlines, days when nothing seems to be going right and a myriad of other things can leave you feeling emotionally and physically tired. But, there’s good news. We don’t have to let any of these scenarios keep us down. Want to know how to get in a better mood? Choose one or more of these ...

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how much does thrive cost

How Much Does THRIVE Cost? Less Than Your Current Morning Routine

To look and feel ultra premium may be priceless, but when we buy anything — no matter if it’s $10 or $10,000 — we weigh whether we’re getting a good value for the price.  For example, how much money do you spend on coffee, breakfast and lunch every day? A normal routine might look something like this: Morning coffee: $3-$5 Breakfast: $4-$8 Lunch (fast food): $6-$12 Snacks: $1-$3 Daily total: $14-$28 That’s a significant chunk of change spent ...

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