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Kick Start Your New Year Fitness with the Ultimate THRIVER Competition & At Home Workouts

It’s time to shake off the old and THRIVE in 2022! Have you heard about the Ultimate THRIVER Season 3 competition? This 12-week physical transformation competition is what you’ve been waiting for to tone up, get in shape and THRIVE.

Work out at home and share your results with the millions of THRIVERS worldwide in Le-Vel’s Community! Your physical transformation could earn you a piece of $200,000 from our Ultimate THRIVER competition. 

To help you get started, here are four at-home workouts to kick start your new year fitness. No gym or fancy equipment is necessary! 

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HIIT – Biggest Bang for Your Buck

If you count every minute and don’t like wasting time, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is for you. HIIT is perfect whether you have five minutes or 30. The key here is to push yourself to the max for at least 20 seconds, then rest for 10-15 seconds. Ok, so this workout may be more painful than fun. But when you get that dump of endorphins and start seeing your body change, you might decide it’s fun after all. 

5 Minute HIIT – No Equipment

30 seconds slides

15 seconds light jog recovery

30 seconds plank jacks

15 seconds light jog recovery

30 seconds mountain climbers

15 seconds light jog recovery

30 seconds skaters

15 seconds light jog recovery 

30 seconds mountain climbers

15 seconds light jog recovery

30 seconds high knees 

15 seconds light jog recovery

30 seconds burpees

15 seconds light jog to finish

Control intensity by increasing or decreasing speed. HIIT is intense. If you aren’t used to working out, cut this HIIT workout in half and increase recovery time. 

Dance Workout – Shake off the blues

Even if you can’t dance, it’s just downright fun. Dancing is our favorite fun option for exercising at home. 

Dance workouts are perfect for everyone:

  • The kids will be thrilled to join you
  • Dance with your partner
  • If you’re feeling shy just dance behind closed doors

Aim for 15-30 minutes for your dance workout. You’ll be strengthening your body, your heart, burning calories, and lifting your mood.

Just search “dance workout to lose weight” or “dance party workout” on YouTube to get moving!

Strength Training – Target Your Muscles

Ready to target body fat and increase your muscle mass? Strength training is your go-to. Don’t be intimidated by weights or strength training champs at the gym. You can do these exercises at home, without any weights. 

20 Minute Workout – No Weights Needed

10-12 reps bodyweight squats 

10-12 reps mountain climbers

20 seconds break

10-12 reps reverse lunges left leg

10-12 reps reverse lunges right leg

20 seconds break

10-12 glute bridge

10-12 renegade row

20 seconds break

10-12 reps leg raise

10-12 reps extended hand walk

20 seconds break

10-12 reps tiptoe sumo squat

10-12 reps cross plank

Cooldown stretch

As you increase strength you can cycle through this workout twice or increase reps. Increase intensity by adding dumbbells, jugs of water, or your kids. Decrease intensity by decreasing the number of reps. 

Remember: Strength training is not about speed. Also, make sure to allow for recovery time after strength training sessions. 

Rebounder – Low Impact Exercise

If you have a trampoline for the kids, use that or purchase a small rebounder. They are fairly affordable and easy to find. Rebounding is great for your lymphatic system and burns more calories than walking or even jogging. Plus, it’s fun!

Warm-up: Bounce lightly with your knees slightly bent for two minutes. Don’t bounce high yet.

15-minute workout: Alternate between jogging in place and bouncing straight up and down.

If 15 minutes is too long, start with five minutes and work up. Increase intensity by increasing speed.

Get Moving

Conquer your new year fitness goals one day at a time. What makes this year different? This year you are trying something new, plus the Le-Vel community is rooting for you. Whatever you do, just get moving. 
We can’t wait to see the results for this year’s Ultimate Thriver Season 3 Competition! Share your journey with us on Instagram @le_velofficial

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