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7 Steps to Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Build Self-Confidence

How do you view yourself? Were your first thoughts critical? If so, rest assured, you’re not alone. An estimated 85% of people worldwide struggle with low self-esteem, which undermines self-confidence. You must be wondering, “how can I build self-confidence?” 

Here’s the good news, we have seven steps to shift your self-worth and help you develop self-confidence.

How to Build Self-Confidence

According to the American Psychological Association, self-confidence is “trust in one’s abilities, capacities, and judgment”. 

If you believe you’re not good at anything, feel negative about your appearance, or find yourself struggling to accomplish your dreams, chances are you feel helpless. 

Thankfully, you don’t need a self-confidence gene. You have the power to influence your brain and your body to embrace your self-worth. It is possible to build self-confidence.

Here are some steps to get you started; while this list isn’t exhaustive, each step will help you grow and THRIVE. 

Use Body Language to Communicate Self-Confidence

Did you know your body language can create or change your emotions? When you have low self-confidence, the tendency is to slouch, hunch over, and try to take up as little space as possible. This kind of posture communicates to your brain feelings of negativity and even a lack of safety. 

Instead, practice using your body to communicate confidence. Stand tall, straighten your shoulders and look up. Expand your body and take up some space! You don’t have to apologize for existing, so don’t communicate that through bad posture. 

As you expand, gesture and allow your body to move with confidence, not only will others perceive you differently but you’ll be building your self-confidence. Plus, your back will thank you. 

Banish Toxic Thoughts to Boost Your Confidence

It’s time to banish those toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs you’ve picked up over the years.

How do you do that? Start paying attention to your thoughts. Write down some of the negative things you’re thinking to help you identify thought patterns holding you back. You may be surprised at how much negative self-thinking harms your self-worth! Replace negative thinking with truth so you can interact with yourself and others with confidence. 

Pro Tip: Ask three to five trusted friends to give you three positive adjectives they feel describe you. When you’re feeling down on yourself, claim those words as your truth. 

Become Self-Aware and Learn Who You Are

Replacing toxic thoughts can be hard if you don’t know who you really are. What are the things that make you happy? What are your favorite foods, colors, and music? What makes you passionate and what makes you laugh? Becoming self-aware can feel frightening, but it’s also an exciting journey. 

Instead of letting others make decisions for you or assenting to whatever your friend group decides, take a moment to listen to yourself, then speak up and speak out. The person you are has value, and you have so much to offer to the world. As you embrace the beauty of who you are, you’ll find your confidence growing. 

Listen to Your Intuition to Build Self-Trust

In your journey to become self-aware, it’s time to stop silencing your intuition. Instead of second-guessing and doubting yourself, trust yourself and listen to your intuition.

Ultimately self-trust is at the foundation of self-confidence. If you don’t trust your ability to make the right decisions for yourself, you’ll never feel confident. 

Sure, we all make mistakes and do things we regret, but that’s how we learn. At the end of the day, it’s important to know there is something inside of us that we can trust.

Take Care of Your Body and Your Mental Health

Your body and mental health impact your self-confidence. It’s not about the size of your body or looking perfect all the time.

Instead, it’s about taking care of your body so you get the right nutrition, supplements, and exercise. Your body and mind work in tandem and when you experience wellness it helps you feel better about yourself. 

Pro Tip: Already exercise regularly? Add in activities and rhythms to boost your mental health, such as journaling about your experiences and finding how to express your emotions in healthy ways. 

Find the Good in Your Life to Promote Confidence

What are some of the exciting things you’ve done or learned? Have you grown in patience or kindness in the last couple of years? Did you discover a hidden love for needlepoint or strength training? Did you follow through on going to bed early this week?

You don’t need awards, trophies, or accolades to help you feel more self-confident. Instead, find those small and beautiful things in your life, those little successes that really aren’t so little. There is good in your life, and even if you aren’t meeting the demands of every task, you are accomplishing something every day. When you identify the good and then take time to experience gratitude and even joy for it, you build thinking habits that lead to self-confidence. 

This is the Way to Build Self-Confidence

It takes time to build self-confidence, and some of these steps take longer than others to incorporate into your life. But you can get started today. Why not start right now with your posture? How are you sitting? Straighten up! Shake the stress off first and then hold your head high!

Experiment with these steps and find what resonates with you, then practice them daily on your journey to build self-confidence. You can become the person you’d like to be, and we believe you’re already well on your way. 

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