What’s in THRIVE

What’s in THRIVE? Take a Peek Inside the Making of a Wellness Phenomenon

Since its inception in 2012, Le-Vel’s THRIVE Experience has transformed the nutritional supplement industry and improved millions of lives. 

What’s in THRIVE, and how did the brainchild of two guys with a passion for helping people feel their best become the $2 billion wellness phenomenon we know today? 

It’s all about what’s inside — both the products and the brand: premium-grade ingredients, innovative technology, and a determination to break the mold.

“We were not only the underdog, we were a different animal altogether,” said co-founders Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. “We started a company unlike any other, with no fancy brick and mortar offices or large corporate staff; instead, we drove forward with a cloud based infrastructure, which was unusual, never before seen and misunderstood by traditionalists.” 

In the years since, Le-Vel has amassed more than 10 million customers and paid more than $1 billion in commissions.

“Our sights were laser-focused on creating a premium product line that could help people live happier, healthier lives and effectively operate our young company by timely shipping our high quality products, paying commissions on time, and handling customer support professionally, all without errors.” 

Today, Le-Vel boasts more than 30 patents for life-changing supplements, and it’s just the beginning.

What’s in THRIVE? Ultra-premium nutrients

From the Lifestyle Capsules you take first thing in the morning to the DFT Recharge you wear at night, every THRIVE product is made with premium-grade ingredients to help you reach peak mental and physical levels. 

The 3-step THRIVE Experience includes ingredients such as: 

  • B vitamins for clean energy and metabolic support
  • Zinc for immune system support
  • Magnesium for muscle, nerve, and bone health
  • B lactis probiotics bacteria for a healthy digestive system
  • L-Arginine to help build protein and support circulatory system health
  • Green tea caffeine and green coffee bean extract for natural energy

And Le-Vel is always developing new formulas to help you achieve even better results. Some of the newest products include: 

THRIVE Thirst: A premium, grape-flavored hydration beverage made with pink himalayan salt and Le-Vel’s proprietary hydration technology (available with or without caffeine!). 

THRIVE Biotic: Le-Vel’s pre- and probiotic breakthrough, with billions of premium-grade live cultures that support your digestive system, improve nutrient absorption, and promote healthy weight loss.  

THRIVE Chill: A premium powder formula developed to reduce stress, improve mood and relaxation.

So if you’ve ever wondered what’s in THRIVE or what the excitement is all about, now you know!

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