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What is Being a Le-Vel THRIVE Promoter All About?

Le-Vel THRIVE Promoter — the title has a nice ring to it, right? If you are loving the THRIVE Experience and find yourself telling people about the premium vitamin supplements that have you feeling more energized and focused than ever, then you could be a Brand Promoter!

What does it mean to become a Promoter? First and foremost, it means you can get your THRIVE for free! But you can also qualify for commissions, bonuses, rewards and lifestyle getaways through working your business. 

How do you become a Le-Vel THRIVE Promoter? Like the THRIVE Experience itself, it’s simple!  

(It’s free!)

Le-Vel doesn’t have any startup costs or fees for its all-encompassing business tool, Cloud Office, which allows you to track your commissions and reward qualifications, as well as provides resources like training material and videos.

Le-Vel THRIVE Promoter Ranks Explained

You may have seen THRIVE Promoters on social media celebrating their achievements and their team’s growing rankings and wondered what those rankings mean.

Whether a THRIVE Promoter has reached 4K, 12K, 40K, 80K, or 200K VIP ranking simply reflects how much product they have sold, and how much they have grown their team by continuing to share the THRIVE Experience. But, perhaps more importantly, THRIVE Promoter rankings represent lifelong friends made, teams built, and lives changed. 

Let’s let a few Promoters explain for themselves:  

“What makes it so much better, and unmatched, is community. You are not going to find such wholehearted, amazing individuals who genuinely are going to show you what they’re doing, not just say, ‘I’m successful,’ but they’re actually going to show you how. Also, our comp plan is pretty dang amazing.”

Lindsey Coggin, 200K Promoter

“5 years ago I was simply an incoming customer that was looking for energy. I was hoping the Thrive Experience would help me get through Nursing State boards… I’ve received so much more! Crazy thing is, I wasn’t looking for a business but I felt so amazing and it just kept getting better as time evolved. It’s in my nature to help others and it would be selfish of me not to share this amazingness with the world! I was ready to give it a go. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine this would be my life! Waking up every morning knowing I will help change someone’s life never gets old! The bonuses are just the icing on the cake!”

Shante’ Armstrong, 80K VIP 

“I cannot believe how much premium vitamins have changed my life. I started to share my story on social media about having the energy to unpack and set up our new house by myself, how I started working out, and most importantly how I was active with my son. My only intention was to share this amazing product with those I love. It quickly became obvious that I should flip to a Brand Promoter since I was reaching so many people. I really started promoting so I could get my Thrive for free and make some gas money. My team has grown substantially since January. I hit my VIP800 in January. Then in February, I hit 4K Rank Advancement Bonus. THEN in March we pushed and grew and hit 12K with the Auto Bonus! Thank you Le-Vel for creating an opportunity that allows me to earn a living from anywhere!”

Kateland Burkley, 12K VIP 

Opportunities In Your First 2 Weeks

If the Refer 2 Program to THRIVE for free sounds good, hold onto your hat because that’s just the beginning. 

Go VIP800

New Promoters can earn up to $400 in extra cash plus $100 in THRIVE Credits within their first 2 weeks with the GO VIP Bonus. To qualify, you must have 2 Customer Autoship orders and enroll 2 Promoters to Upgrade Packages totaling at least 800 QV (Qualifying Volume) within your first 14 days as a Promoter. 

GO VIP1600

Earn an additional $400 when you have 4 Customer Autoship orders and enroll 4 Promoters to Upgrade Packages totaling at least 1600 QV within your first 2 weeks as a Promoter. 

Are you ready to join the ranks of Le-Vel THRIVE Promoters? Get started today!

For information re the Le-Vel Auto Bonus and the Le-Vel VIP Bonus, including the likelihood of earning the Auto Bonus and the VIP Bonus, click here https://bit.ly/2Gxh8fY.

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