How does the THRIVE Plus line fit within the THRIVE Experience?

“Three Simple Steps” is how you’ll hear people describe the THRIVE Experience, which consists of three components that you take every morning: Lifestyle Capsules, Ultra Micronized Shake, and DFT adhesive. 

So you might be wondering: What are these THRIVE Plus products I’ve been hearing about, and should I add them to my three-step routine? 

In this post, we’ll talk about what THRIVE Plus products are, who should take them, and how they fit into the THRIVE Experience. 

The 3 Step THRIVE Experience: The Foundation

The THRIVE Experience is Le-Vel’s revolutionary daily lifestyle plan that millions of people use to achieve optimal physical and mental performance.

As you know, the original Experience involves three simple steps: 

  1. Taking two Lifestyle Capsules first thing each morning.
  2. Drinking a delicious Lifestyle Shake shortly after.
  3. Applying DFT (Derma-Fusion Technology) to clean, dry skin.  

In less than a half-hour each day, the THRIVE Experience fills in nutritional gaps to support weight management, ease general discomforts, increase cognitive function and improve general well-being — especially when combined with a healthful diet and regular exercise!

So where does THRIVE Plus come into the picture? 

When you want to take your THRIVE Experience — and your results — to the next level.

The THRIVE Plus Line: For Even Better Results

THRIVE Plus products were designed to augment the three steps and create even greater outcomes.

Whatever your wellness goals are — from increasing lean muscle mass to losing weight to  improving your gut health —  the THRIVE Plus line can help you reach them when added to your three-step THRIVE Experience.

From a line of 25 products and counting, here are a few of the most popular THRIVE Plus products. You can view the full list on

Sculpt: This branch chain amino acid breakthrough was designed to help you lose inches and tone muscles when combined with the THRIVE Experience and a healthy lifestyle. Amino acids are critical to lean muscle development, recovery, and endurance, and Sculpt supports muscle tissue repair with first-of-its kind bioavailability. 

For best results, take Sculpt along with your THRIVE M/W Capsules on an empty stomach each morning, as well as 15-30 minutes before a workout. Check out this post for more details on how to take Sculpt. 

Biotic: With billions of premium-grade pre- and pro-biotic strains, THRIVE Biotic supports digestive health to help improve nutrient absorption, support weight loss and immune function, and more. Having proper levels of healthy bacteria in your gut is crucial to well-being, and Biotic helps ensure your digestive system operates at optimum levels. 

To get started with Biotic, take one capsule at night, then increase your dosage (up to three capsules) as needed.

Balance: Designed for weight management and digestive health, THRIVE Balance helps your body absorb nutrients, reduce toxins, and increase naturally generated energy. Balance contains specific enzymes and extracts designed to help reduce bloat, help you achieve a flatter stomach, and improve overall health.

Like Biotic, you should take Balance at night, starting with one capsule for the first few nights, then increasing your dosage to two, if needed. You can even take Balance and Biotic together! 

Black/White Label DFT & TAC: Unlike some other THRIVE Plus products, TAC and Black Label DFT were designed to use in place of the original THRIVE DFT as part of your three-step Experience. Black Label/White Label DFT delivers the latest absorption and bioavailability improvements in a stylish adhesive.

TAC (THRIVE Against Cancer) is the most powerful engineered DFT to date, and with each pack sold, Le-Vel donates $5 to an outstanding organization committed to fighting cancer. TAC truly takes the health and wellness movement pioneered by Le-Vel to the next level!

So what’s the bottom line? 

Millions of people have improved their health and well-being with the foundational three-step THRIVE Experience. But THRIVERS who want to take their results to the next level do so by incorporating THRIVE Plus products into their daily routine!

See which THRIVE Plus products will help you reach your wellness goals!

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