Le-Vel’s THRIVE Sculpt: How to Use it with the THRIVE Experience


At Le-Vel, we want our Thrivers to feel great, and live the life they deserve, which is why we created Le-Vel THRIVE Sculpt through our Concept Lab’s beta testing last Fall. Sculpt is a branch chain amino acid breakthrough, intended to help reduce inches around the body and achieve a more sculpted figure when combined with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Above all, THRIVE Sculpt is formulated to be incorporated with the THRIVE Experience.

What Is the Le-Vel THRIVE Experience?

The THRIVE Experience is a daily lifestyle plan designed to help your experience and reach your optimal physical and mental levels. The THRIVE Experience consists of a daily, 3-step routine: 2 capsules taken first thing in the morning. A delicious shake taken soon after. And finally, Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) placed directly on the skin. By providing you with a burst of nutrition in the morning, followed by a steady stream of nutrition absorbed through the skin throughout the day, the THRIVE Experience gives users what they need to live a better, healthier life.

And, by combining the Le-Vel THRIVE Experience with THRIVE sculpt, you can take things even further. We call this new regimen the New THRIVE Experience with Sculpt.

How Do You Use THRIVE Sculpt with the THRIVE Experience?

Combining the THRIVE Experience with THRIVE Sculpt allows for even greater results, including improved weight management, lean muscle definition and more. For best results, take Le-Vel THRIVE Sculpt on an empty stomach along with THRIVE M/W capsules in the morning as Step 1 of the 3-Step Le-Vel THRIVE Experience. In addition, take Sculpt 15 to 30 minutes prior to your workout. Up to 3 servings a day can be consumed, and a serving size is 3 capsules.

What Does the New THRIVE Experience with Sculpt Do? 

The duo of the Le-Vel THRIVE Experience plus Sculpt infuses over 100 premium grade ingredients into your body that compound and work together as a system, including vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, extracts, proteins, fibers and high-intensity amino acids. This combination can help fill in nutritional gaps and deficiencies, support muscle tone and give the body what it needs to perform better on a daily basis!

What Are People Saying about Le-Vel’s THRIVE Sculpt with the THRIVE Experience?

You may be wondering how Sculpt has worked for others, here’s what Thrivers are experiencing!

“Tried the aminos our company worked on, and added the sweat needed to help them work! Trust me when I tell you, you’re going to want some of this!”

Robin Postman Benson, certified fitness trainer and Thriver

“Adding Sculpt to my 3 Steps has totally transformed my body and made me comfortable in my skin again!”

Stacie Belonga, Thriver

“I can’t believe the changes I’m seeing. Who says moms can’t have muscles? I think I know why they call it Sculpt. You owe it to yourself to make YOU a priority again.”

Jamie Ludwigson, Thriver

How Much Does the New THRIVE Experience with Sculpt Cost?

The standard customer price for a bottle of Le-Vel THRIVE Sculpt is $38 for 90 capsules, which you can add to your THRIVE Experience 4-Week Pack on monthly Autoship for $188, not including taxes and shipping. Also, if you sign up for a FREE Promoter account, you can THRIVE for even less, as all THRIVE products are available at a lesser price, as a perk of being a Promoter. 

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