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How to Build a Successful Side Hustle in College: Winning Tips from THRIVERS

As a college student, you need flexibility. A side hustle in college provides extra income without getting in the way of classes and your personal life. It really is possible to build a good work/school/life balance with these tips from THRIVERS! 

What is a Le-Vel Brand Promoter? 

A Le-Vel Brand Promoter is an independent business owner who grows their business by sharing Le-Vel products. Brand Promoters earn commissions on product sales and are also eligible to earn bonuses. 

It is completely free to join as a Brand Promoter and have access to the business tools in the Le-Vel Cloud Office. 

For complete details please see the Le-Vel Income Disclosure Statement

Become a Brand Promoter

Once you become a Brand Promoter, there are so many tools and people to help you find your own success. 

Looking for real advice from other THRIVERS? Here is their best advice to help you THRIVE.

Tip #1: Share Your Journey

THRIVERS have spoken. The #1 tip all THRIVERS agree on is to share your experience! 

The fastest way to connect with others and be relatable is by sharing what being a THRIVER means to you. How do the products make you feel? What differences have you noticed? Share the highs and the lows and show others the amazing potential for them when they join. 

You’re not selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle. 

Tip #2: THRIVE Loud and Proud

One of the top pieces of advice that leading Brand Promoters give again and again is to THRIVE out loud. 

What does this mean? 

It means that you should become a product of the product. Use THRIVE products in your own daily life. Wear your DFT in a place where people can see it. The beauty of DFT is that it is a conversation starter! Place it in a visible area and be ready with a killer response for when people inevitably ask you – “what is that?”

Tip #3: Think Bigger

It’s natural to start by reaching out to friends and family, but don’t be restricted to your personal circle. 

But how can you make connections with people you don’t even know? When you’re building a side hustle in college, there are so many opportunities to meet new people! Look for ways to naturally talk about the products in conversation. 

Next time someone comments on how exhausted they are preparing for finals, tell them the difference THRIVE has made in your life. Or at your next study group, take some THRIVE OooWEE! to share. When someone comments on how delicious the drink is, that’s your opening to share more about the products! 

“They buy THRIVE because they are buying into you.” Alex, Brand Promoter

Watch the video for more tips. 

Tip #4: Help Others

Successful Brand Promoters embrace a culture of generosity. This isn’t just about reaching your own goals, it’s also about helping others reach theirs. 

As you move forward on your journey, look for opportunities to encourage the people around you. 

Ask yourself: 

  • How can I help more people experience the benefits of THRIVING? 
  • How can I support new Brand Promoters who are just starting? 

By giving and sharing your tools with others, you help contribute to a positive culture & community within Le-Vel. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Share samples of products. 
  • Every week, send a follow-up text to at least one person who has shown interest in the products.
  • Every week, send a follow-up text to each person who started THRIVING in the last month.
  • Check-in with people on your team to see if they have all the resources they need.

Tip #5: Believe You Can Do It

Here’s another mindset tip, and it’s a big one! Believe in yourself. 

When you embrace self-confidence, you’ll generate positivity and encouragement! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you believe it’s possible. 

So skip the self-sabotage of self-doubt. Instead, embrace the possibilities of the future. 

Tip #6: Be Honest

People respond to the truth, so share the truth boldly. As a Brand Promoter, don’t make false claims or exaggerate your success. Just be honest and let the products speak for themselves.

It’s ok to share the bad times too! When you share your obstacles and challenges it helps you grow as a person. Plus, others will find you relatable and even be encouraged by your resilience.  

Tip #7: Show Up to Your College Side Hustle

This isn’t a side hustle that can run on autopilot. It takes time, commitment, and hard work. The outcome? You’ll have the gratification of knowing you DID work hard and you haven’t given up. 

Keep showing up. For both you and the THRIVE community. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Schedule time to work on your side hustle so it doesn’t get forgotten with class assignments and social life. 
  • Use the products every day. As people see you using the products, they’ll naturally be curious and want to know more. 
  • Attend live training calls and any virtual events to help grow your LV business.
  • Follow Le-Vel on Instagram and TikTok to keep up with the latest news. 

Tip #8: Be Authentic

As cliche as it may sound, stay true to yourself.

When you show up, show up as someone authentic and genuine. People respond to that. You’d be surprised at how many people are watching your journey on social media or in real life from the sidelines. They want to see someone who is authentic. 

Tip #9: Establish Trust 

Trust is imperative to the success of any business enterprise. 

You’ll need a degree of vulnerability as a Brand Promoter, and that vulnerability will help you build trust with the people around you. When people trust you, they will in turn promote the products too. Trust lays the foundation to build a community. 

Pro Tips:

  1. Show empathy. When people tell you how tired they are and how much they’ve been struggling, listen attentively and respond with kindness and empathy. 
  2. Answer questions. You’ll need to know the products and understand how they work so that you can answer questions from people who are interested. If you can give direct answers, that will build your integrity as a Brand Promoter. 
  3. Follow up. Once someone starts taking the products, follow up and see how they are doing. This will demonstrate that you care about them as a person.

Tip #10: Persevere

As you go, learn from the journey and remember that slow and steady wins the race. If you don’t succeed immediately (few people do!), don’t give up. Success takes perseverance. 

Keep your eyes open so you can see the opportunities right in front of you. And, keep sharing. You can do this! 

Looking for more? Check out 6 Positive Mindset Principles of Successful Thrivers.

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