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What’s It Like Being a Le-Vel Brand Promoter?

If you’ve been watching other people succeed and wondering when it will be your turn, this is your time! Using the products, you’ve already experienced how THRIVE can change your life. Now, you can’t help but tell others about the premium vitamin supplements that have you looking and feeling your best. So why NOT become a Le-Vel THRIVE Promoter? 

Everybody loves free products and, yes, you really can get your THRIVE 60-day Challenge for free each month when you Refer 2 customers on Autoship. Here are some of the things you can earn as a Brand Promoter:

  • Free THRIVE products (the Refer 2 Program)
  • Commissions
  • Bonuses & Rewards
  • Lifestyle getaways

Even beyond the free products, being a Brand Promoter offers community. Many Brand Promoters talk about the excitement of:

  • Lifelong friendships
  • Being part of a community
  • Partnering with others to bring change

“The community is what kept me here, and it’s absolutely what I needed.” -Rebekah Cantrell 

What Do the Promoter Ranks Mean?

If you’re confused by the 4K, 12K, 40K, 80K, or 200K VIP ranking, this has to do with sales volume for a Brand Promoter and how much they’ve grown their team – check out the full Rewards Plan here. Don’t be intimidated by these big numbers – every Promoter starts at square one! 

The exciting news is in your first two weeks, you’ll have the opportunity for special bonuses.

Go VIP800

New Promoters can earn up to $400 in extra cash, plus $100 in THRIVE Credits within their first 2 weeks with the GO VIP Bonus. To qualify, you must have 2 Customer Autoship orders and enroll 2 Promoters to Upgrade Packages, totaling at least 800 QV (Qualifying Volume) within your first 14 days as a Promoter. 

GO VIP1600

Earn an additional $400 when you have 4 Customer Autoship orders and enroll 4 Promoters to Upgrade Packages, totaling at least 1600 QV within your first 2 weeks as a Promoter. 

Learn more about Bonuses

What Brand Promoters Are Saying

When a Brand Promoter shared the Thrive 60-day Challenge with Leah Beutjer Bredeson, she was struggling to wake up each morning and had no energy for her day. 

“I started the Thrive Experience to literally get energy, and I got so much more.” -Leah Beutjer Bredeson

“That first bonus for me was the snowball. I look back and see that was a turning point for me. It was people I truly loved feeling better, and that was a no-brainer.” Megan Shaughnessy 

“Once I knew a business model this awesome existed, and then the product… I told him (my partner), there’s no way we can settle for less when we know something this good is here – we have to jump in!” -Karri Ann Webb

How to be a Successful Thrive Promoter

So how can you be a successful Thrive Promoter? There are lots of different paths to success.  We’ve developed even more materials to promote your success and we are excited to announce a brand new video hub highlighting all aspects of THRIVE – Thrivers.TV!

What we love about Thrivers.TV is the chance to share real stories and helpful resources for new THRIVERS and existing Brand Promoters who want to learn new skills and get inspired.  There’s something for everyone. 

THRIVERS.TV will provide tools to accomplish your goals as a Brand Promoter. 

What’s on THRIVERS.TV?

Curious about what you’ll find on THRIVERS.TV? We have four parts packed with inspiration and encouragement. You’ll feel even more connected to the THRIVE community. 

Le-Vel Deep Dives 

Le-Vel Deep Dives

In this series, you’ll get an inside look at the tools, habits, and daily routines that can help Promoters crush their goals on a regular basis. This truly is a deep dive into the helpful resources available to every THRIVER looking to grow their cloud-based business! 

Real THRIVE Experiences

Real Thrive Experiences

Want to hear about real people who have had their lives transformed by the THRIVE 60-day Challenge?

People like Veronica May who struggled with several issues for years until she finally tried the THRIVE 60-day Challenge.

“I was a Day 1 Thriver. It just felt amazing! I wasn’t running for that coffee pot anymore.”  -Veronica May

Or Jayson Stewart who doubted the 60-day Experience could work for him. He skeptically observed his Brand Promoter friend for two years before he finally tried THRIVE and experienced “amazing sleep” and energy. 

“This company has changed my life.” – Jayson Stewart

You’ll be encouraged and inspired by these short videos as Brand Promoters share how three simple steps changed everything.

I AM 200K 

I am 200k documentary series

If you have big goals, this documentary series is for you. Total commitment. Massive amounts of hard work. These are the seasoned THRIVERS who have invested in themselves and others to accomplish their goals. And now, they’ve opened their doors to share candidly about how THRIVE affected their lives.

Thrivers Season 1 – Coming Soon!

Thrivers Season One

No acting, just real, raw, and authentic. You’re going to love this series because it captures everything about THRIVE culture, products, community, and lifestyle. You’ll discover, and be able to share what makes THRIVING so unique and powerful. 

How to Become a Promoter

It’s simple. Becoming a Brand Promoter doesn’t cost anything and the sign-up process is simple. Once you’ve enrolled as a Promoter, you’ll have access to Cloud Office, a business tool that will help you manage and track everything. In Cloud Office you’ll find resources, training materials, and videos, as well as your commission and reward qualifications. 

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Become a Brand Promoter

For information regarding the typical earnings of a Le-Vel Promoter and the likelihood of earning the Le-Vel Auto Bonus, the Le-Vel VIP Bonus, the Le-Vel Millionaire Award, and Le-Vel Getaways, click here.

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