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Real Moms Share How to Lose Baby Weight

Your body goes through a lot with nine months of pregnancy and giving birth to a precious baby. Muscles have been activated you never knew you had, and you’ve gone through the whole gamut of emotions known to the human race. 

But now you’re faced with trying to lose the dreaded baby weight. Before you do anything, remember that you are beautiful and your body did something amazing! Your accomplishment outshines any change to your physical appearance, so be kind to yourself.

It’s common for mothers to hold onto baby weight for months or even years so as you adjust to the changes in your body and look at how to lose the baby weight, here are some great tips to give you confidence and decrease your stress. 

Shift Your Mindset to Lose the Baby Weight

You don’t need crash diets, food restrictions and negativity about your body. You deserve better than that. If you’re wondering how to lose the baby weight, our first tip is to shift your mindset. 

We understand how you feel about your body impacts your confidence and motivation big time. It can be discouraging when the weight won’t budge so rather than rejecting yourself or your body, take some time to give thanks for the miracle your body performed. Losing the baby weight will take some time, and it’s different for each mom. That’s ok! Give yourself the space and time you need.

Lose the Baby Weight and THRIVE with the THRIVE Experience

The THRIVE Experience is fantastic for moms who want to lose baby weight because of the easy 3-step process that provides nutritional support.

Kelly shares how the THRIVE Experience gave her energy and helped her to lose the baby weight.

“I was a new mom at the time, struggling for energy to keep up with my daughter and desperately needed to lose the 30 lbs of baby weight I gained and kept on from pregnancy. After seeing my progress with the THRIVE Experience, I knew I never wanted to stop taking it, because my energy was so much better. I felt more confident– like my old self again but in a better healthier way. I saw how much my bloat went down, I had a flatter tummy and said to myself, ‘Wow this is working!’ ”

Kelly Nguyen 40K Brand Promoter

Dani, like many moms, was barely making it through each day until she discovered the THRIVE Experience. 

“I was a first-time mommy, so I was napping twice daily, didn’t work out and didn’t focus on my eating habits. Whereas now, with the THRIVE Experience, my entire lifestyle and physical mindset have very much shifted. I was definitely low on energy; felt lazy daily. Uninspired, rolling through the motions… you know, how moms probably think they’re supposed to feel. WRONG! By Day 3 of THRIVING, I felt this glow. I had already lost some weight, I was feeling less bloated, I was excited to go to work, I was sleeping like a baby and waking up without an alarm clock. I became a morning person!” 

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Eat Well to Lose the Baby Weight

Eating well is more important than eating less when it comes to losing the baby weight. While limiting carbs is everyone’s first defense against weight gain, your body needs complex carbs. Complex carbs burn more slowly and prevent the dumping of sugar into the bloodstream as simple carbs do. 

It took over nine months to bring a new life into the world. It’s going to take time to lose the baby weight, and that is more than ok. Sometimes the weight just won’t budge and making the right food choices can seem impossible. Margie shares how the THRIVE Experience helped her stop craving food that was sabotaging her weight loss.

“I carried around over 40 pounds of extra baby weight for 20 years. I was tired all the time and never had energy left to give to my friends and family. By day 10 of THRIVING, I was already making healthier food choices and noticed my cravings were changing. I was drinking water and loving it, something I had always hated! My digestion was ON POINT and I was feeling so good… people at work started to ask me why I was happy all the time.”

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Extra Tip: Sleep helps to regulate hunger hormones. We know how hard it is to get sleep when you’re a mom, but whenever you get a chance, be sure to prioritize sleep

Exercise the Baby Weight Off

Struggling to find the energy or motivation to get back to exercising? The THRIVE Experience can help. 

“I was pregnant with our second child, working from home and preschooling with our four-year-old kid. On my Day 10 of the THRIVE Experience, I woke up before my alarm, turned on YouTube, searched Zumba and got to work! I have a bodybuilding background, so using the 3 Steps after having a baby gave me the motivation to work out right here at home! I owe that to Le-Vel for creating such an amazing product. Truly life-changing.”

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One Last Thought on How to Lose Baby Weight

Everyone experiences weight gain from having a baby, so know that you are not alone. As you explore how to lose baby weight, remember how beautiful this time is. You have entered a new stage in your life, and it is full of new experiences and possibilities. So be patient with yourself as you grow and adjust and learn how to be a mom. 

And remember, girl, you are beautiful! 

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