Can probiotics help you lose weight

5 Gut Health Must-Haves that Prove Probiotics Can Help You Lose Weight

Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

You may have heard probiotics are important for gut health, but can probiotics help you lose weight? Yes, they can! The gut is the epicenter of your overall wellness and that includes body weight. Having diverse gut flora aids proper digestion of food, as well as absorption of the nutrients you need. Probiotics also impact your hormones and have the potential to reduce inflammation. 

How Does Inflammation Impact Weight Loss?

When your body suffers from inflammation, it causes weight gain and makes it more difficult to lose weight. Not to mention, when your body is inflamed, you will feel sluggish, tired and even irritable. Next thing you know, your stress is through the roof as your body starts dumping cortisol; all factors that hamper your efforts to lose weight. Bottom line? Balancing your gut health with probiotics may help you lose weight by reducing inflammation.

5 Gut Health Must-Haves

Losing weight isn’t easy and some days it feels like a losing battle. We see you, and we know just how hard it can be! If you’re looking for a jump start or need extra support to get over a plateau, we have five gut health must-haves to help you move forward with your weight loss journey.

Take Your Biotic 

THRIVE Biotic has billions of live cultures formulated to support your digestive system, aid in nutrient absorption, and provide healthy weight loss. With pre and probiotic strains, this supplement covers all the bases to help populate good gut bacteria. 

Biotic is an incredible blend of ultra-premium grade pre and probiotic strains.

Our microbiome blend includes saccharomyces boulardii, the ultimate hero when it comes to gut health. This probiotic stimulates the immune system and protects against inflammation. Other ingredients work to help you lose weight, aid digestion and increase absorption of nutrients. 

This supplement works best when taken in addition to the THRIVE Experience.

Start With the THRIVE Experience

When you’re trying to lose weight, the last thing you need is another complicated diet or regimen to follow. 

The THRIVE Experience makes it easy to develop a daily habit that will boost your health and help you accomplish your weight loss goals. The three steps include a probiotic and enzyme blend that aids weight management and supports digestion. 

Activated Charcoal for Quick Relief

Activated charcoal is great for your skin, but it’s also a fast-acting aid for your gut. Activated charcoal works by binding to toxins in your gut. This prevents the toxins from being absorbed into your body, and also provides quick relief from gas and bloating. Because charcoal is a binder, it doesn’t function like a probiotic. Probiotics aid in long-term gut health, while binders are more helpful when you’re looking for fast relief. 

Sour Foods for the Win

With the popularization of foods like Kimchi and Kale, more people are talking about how important it is to have bitter and sour foods in our diet. Because many sour foods are fermented, they aid gut health. Bitter foods also contain properties to stimulate bile production. 

Include bitter and sour foods in your meal planning so all those good probiotics can help you lose weight! We’re talking ginger, kimchi, pickles, grapefruit and yogurt, just to name a few. 

Sour foods are packed with probiotics, which help stimulate your digestion, making weight loss that much easier. 

Reduce Inflammatory Food

Like we mentioned earlier, inflammation is the enemy. Some foods and drinks with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup trigger inflammation in your body. 

Focus on what you can add to your diet, instead of what you can’t eat. You may be surprised to find anti-inflammatory foods and spices are more flavorful. Add rosemary to your baked chicken, and use turmeric for taco night. Next time you prepare your vanilla THRIVE smoothie, toss in some ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Replace high-in-sugar snacks with blueberries and almonds, and add leafy greens to your sandwich to make your gut flora happy. Start slow, and remember, removing inflammatory foods will ultimately help you lose weight and feel better each day.  

Protect Your Gut

If your gut isn’t healthy, you won’t be either. Each of these gut-health must-haves work best when you combine them. Don’t forget to start with the THRIVE Experience and work out from there, adding in Biotic and adjusting the way you eat. Each of these steps can help you overcome the cravings that lead to weight gain. 
Get ready to feel the difference. Get ready to THRIVE!

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