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Replace Your Morning Coffee & Stay Awake with 5 Healthy Alternatives

We’ve all seen the lists of healthy alternatives to coffee. Green tea, apple cider vinegar, coconut water… Who can stomach apple cider vinegar as a replacement for the comforting and energizing goodness of a pumpkin spice latte? If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to coffee, we have some new, tastier, and more exciting options for you.

Start Your Day With Energy

  1. The THRIVE Experience is Much More Than a Coffee Replacement

Foundational to everything we do at Le-Vel, the THRIVE Experience is the number one way to support your energy. Coffee acts as a stimulant, while the secret to staying awake throughout the day is full-body health. The THRIVE Experience is a three-step lifestyle change that balances and supports your body. Because it keeps you functioning at a premium level, this is our first choice for healthy alternatives to coffee. 

  1. It’s a Matcha Made In Heaven

Forget plain green tea. If you’re looking for a robust coffee replacement other than green tea, and more satisfying than an apple for breakfast, matcha is the perfect drink for you. Ok, technically matcha is green tea, but this ceremonial tea is a powder made from the whole leaf. Packed with L-Theanine, you’ll get the benefits of caffeine without the crash that follows a cup of coffee. Matcha is a great coffee alternative for those who don’t want to sacrifice their weekly coffee date – most cafés serve matcha now! 

  1. What’s Better Than Chocolate?

There’s something about hot chocolate that is just as comforting and delightful as a cup of coffee. Maybe it’s the nostalgia or the decadent feeling of drinking chocolate, but the rich, creamy flavor of hot chocolate isn’t just for the kiddos. Replace your coffee with a cup of brewed cacao to stimulate your central nervous system, sans caffeine. Try adding a scoop of collagen and a spoonful of local honey to make your morning cup even creamier and more enriching.  

  1. Make it a New Orleans Coffee

Popular in New Orleans, chicory coffee is an excellent coffee replacement for those who are missing the flavor of their favorite brew. Made from the chicory root, this woodsy drink pairs well with all your favorite fall spices. Great for your digestion and packed with antioxidants, this caffeine-free alternative isn’t enough on its own to keep you awake. Make sure to add some cinnamon to give you the energy boost you’re seeking. 

  1. Skip the Bitter, try Guayusa

In your quest to replace coffee, you might find tea too bitter. Instead, try guayusa, a powerful tea popular in South America. Guayusa provides caffeine without the jitters and antioxidant support without the bitterness present in so many teas. This little-known tea has even more antioxidants than green tea and pairs nicely with your favorite dairy-free milk. 

Bonus tip: Try brewing guayusa with chicory for double the excellence and flavor. 

Still in Need of a Mid-Day Boost? 

If you find yourself still needing a mid-day boost try these three coffee alternatives designed as add-ons to your THRIVE Experience. 

Burn Away the Fatigue with THRIVE Heat

When the mid-day slump hits hard, you need something fast to give you a boost. Easier than a cup of coffee, THRIVE Heat is a premium powder formula you pour directly into your mouth. Keep a couple of packets in your purse, pocket, or desk as a healthy alternative to coffee when you need it the most. 

The Fruit-Lover’s Alternative to Coffee 

THRIVE Activate contains premium ingredients like Niacinamide and B Vitamins that work to keep your brain functioning at optimum levels. Powerful amino acids like Tyrosine help your mind function under stress. Choose from four tropical flavors to amplify your energy and performance while also looking out for your immune system. 

The Coffee-Lover’s Alternative 

If you’re a coffee-lover, finding a satisfying coffee replacement is hard. You need the comfort and satisfaction that comes with the deep rich flavor and the complex nutty aroma of a good cup of coffee. THRIVE Café is a mocha-flavored coffee replacement that checks all the boxes of your daily coffee ritual. Add in the benefits of antioxidant support and appetite management and you’ll soon be reaching for THRIVE Café instead of your regular cuppa joe. 

3 Bonus tips:

  • Give your tired eyes a break by periodically looking away from your screen.
  • Take 15-second breaks, to breathe slowly and deeply to improve circulation.
  • Spend time outside daily to help regulate your circadian rhythm.

Whatever coffee alternative works for you, there are options to get sustaining energy without the jitters and crashes. Explore these various alternatives, and keep taking care of your body. 

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