How Does THRIVE Heat Work And When’s The Best Time To Use It?

Before buying THRIVE Heat, the latest metabolic boosting product from Le-Vel featuring its signature cutting-edge delivery method—SPT (Sequential Powder Technology), we all want to know what it does and how it actually works.

Thermogenesis, the process through which the body produces heat to burn calories, is the primary way our bodies burn calories and fat. But, it’s no secret that our metabolism slows as we age which makes it more difficult to lose weight and shed extra calories. According to research, as early as age 30, both men and women’s metabolism slows down and they may begin to notice a dip in their ability to lose weight. 

How THRIVE Heat Works

THRIVE Heat is formulated to aid and boost the fat burning process of Thermogenesis. In addition to boosting your metabolism, Heat is developed to increase energy, improve mental focus and clarity as well as reduce fatigue. It is also gluten free! 

As soon as you set the packet down, THRIVE Heat begins to absorb sequentially, resulting in a much higher bioavailability. More so, SPT starts working as soon as you place the powder in your mouth, then continues to deliver nutritional benefits continuously.  

How To Use THRIVE Heat

For peak mental and physical optimization levels, THRIVE Heat is most ideal for those who are already using The THRIVE Experience daily and is best taken in the middle of the day to boost your metabolism and energy levels. Pour 1 packet directly into your mouth and swallow after the product dissolves. Heat starts working within 15 minutes. (Don’t take Heat before bed or when you take the 3 Steps of the THRIVE Experience.)  

Initial qualities are limited so be sure to order one today before they are out of stock. Learn more about THRIVE Heat’s release and what Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette say about the latest release. 

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