What Does THRIVE Chill Do?

Are you looking for a way to relax, reduce stress and just chill? We are always on the go these days, from work to family and everything in between like maintaining a social life and working out. The reality is no matter how on top of it we are in life, stress can crawl its way into our daily lives. It’s these triggers that can cause us to not perform at our best which can lead to emotional, cognitive and physical issues. 

Le-Vel’s entire mission is to help anyone across any age live their best life! The company that has blended technology and nutrition is proud to introduce to you, THRIVE Chill, the latest SPT product. It’s designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation and reduce cortisol to help your body respond to stress. Not to mention it’s natural mint flavor tastes amazing and it’s gluten free. 

SPT (Sequential Powder Technology) is an instant nutritional technology that begins to deliver the necessary nutrients as soon as the powder hits your mouth and provides fast acting benefits like reduced stress and tension across your body. 

Life happens and stressful, anxious moments pop up throughout our daily lives, which makes THRIVE Chill great for daily use. It’s designed for those on the go living their best life. 

Some of THRIVE’s biggest fans have already been having more chill and relaxing moments. “Just got mine in the mail yesterday! I used it last night and I already have awesome thoughts!” @thatfinegirlbandy 

Another perfect way to use THRIVE Chill is to have a calming and chill evening, after the stress of work from home, balancing kid’s schedule, or those stressful home renovations. 

“We’re remodeling our kitchen and it’s been trying. I got my THRIVE Chill yesterday so I ripped open that package and stuck out my tongue. It has been an hour now and I’m one chill lady!” @vjdavis23

THRIVE Chill is part of THRIVE’s Plus Product line for when you want to take your THRIVE Experience — and your results — to the next level. The Plus products are a great addition to your current THRIVE Experience and are designed to augment the 3 Steps to create even greater outcomes for your healthy lifestyle. The THRIVE Experience is made up of our 3 core products and steps which are the (1) THRIVE Lifestyle Capsules, (2) THRIVE Mix, and (3) THRIVE Lifestyle DFT. THRIVE allows people of all ages and lifestyles to be inspired to feel their best and healthiest. 

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