Jason Camper’s THRIVIN’ Book: The Reviews are In!

Everyone loves a success story. 

But THRIVIN’: The American Dream is more than a success story; it’s a roadmap for finding the courage to turn failures into stepping stones and achieve your personal and financial goals.

THRIVIN’ is the debut book from Le-Vel Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jason Camper, following his journey from troubled youth living in West Texas to billion-dollar entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Told with Jason’s signature passion and candor, THRIVIN’ shares his inspirational story of grit, grace, and hard-won wisdom, and offers practical insights for discovering the motivation to pursue your own dreams — and to never give up. 

On sale now, and having received thousands of pre-orders, THRIVIN’  is expected to be a New York Times Bestseller, and the initial reviews suggest that it will. 

Here’s what Thrivers who got early access to the book are saying:

“Loved this book. I always enjoy hearing you speak with passion and that shows in the book too! Thanks for not selling the company and going with your gut! Thanks for never quitting! Thanks for doing things your way!” – @thrivewithjenn

“Loved the book! My biggest takeaway was to never give up if you want something despite things not going your way. In the end it WILL work out!” – @britters04

“Such a good book, getting my sons to read it! Thank you for sharing your story!” – @thrivenmom

“Every failure is a stepping stone, as you described it, whether I recognize it at the time or not. Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey.” – @jerrygrundman

“Absolutely loved your book! I had chills and goosebumps and tears, it was so good! Thank you, Jason, for your passion, perseverance, determination, and faith.” – @ldygoofy

“I don’t read books but THIS HAS ME HOOKED.” – @Jerezaerika

Who should read THRIVIN’?

THRIVIN’, an essential read for aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone determined to live life on their own terms, launched in bookstores nationally July 13th. Get your copy today!

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