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What to Look Forward to When You Start THRIVING

You may already know you can anticipate benefits from the THRIVE Experience when you start THRIVING – like all-day energy. 

Yes, THRIVE boosts your nutrient intake so you can live, look and feel your best by filling in nutritional gaps with more than 100 premium-grade vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, protein, fiber and more. 

The 3-Step THRIVE Experience is even easy to incorporate into your daily life. 

  1. Take 2 THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules first thing in the morning.
  2. 20 – 40 minutes later, prepare a shake made with the Ultra Micronized Lifestyle Mix.
  3. Then, wear a Premium Lifestyle DFT to THRIVE all day.

But, did you know that there are many other THRIVE benefits that your body and mind may experience in addition to all-day energy?

How Your Body Benefits From The THRIVE Experience

Once you start using THRIVE every day, you may realize improvements in how your body feels, looks and works. THRIVERS report weight loss after starting the THRIVE Experience, and it’s often accompanied by appetite management and lean muscle building, transforming your physique into one that’s sleeker and stronger. 

“I lost weight and regained my confidence. Sure, I wanted to get to a healthy weight, but it happened naturally. THRIVE changed the foods I craved, managed my appetite, and made me want to increase my activity levels.” Kourtney Glaser 200K VIP Brand Promoter

“With THRIVE, my body and mind functions optimally and performs at the highest level. I feel INCREDIBLE! I started at the unhealthiest point in my life, and now I am at the healthiest point in my life! I am grateful for Le-Vel and the premium grade nutrition that supports my healthy lifestyle to the fullest.” Valentin Molina, Brand Promoter and Season 2 Ultimate Thriver Winner

How Your Mind THRIVES 

It’s not only your body that will see changes when you’re enjoying the THRIVE Experience. Your mental and emotional health will also be positively impacted when you infuse your body with good nutrition. Some THRIVERS say they sleep better, feel happier and even have more self-confidence. 

“In 30 days of taking the product consistently, I could not believe the amount of mental clarity I experienced. I actually wanted to workout again with all my new energy!” Heather Butler 4K VIP Brand Promoter

Now that you know the many physical, mental and emotional health advantages of THRIVING, let’s go over the benefits of each step of the 3-Step THRIVE Experience in more detail.

Step 1: Lifestyle Capsule Benefits

The glucosamine in Le-Vel’s capsules’ proprietary formula helps your joints function well, so you can feel good and exercise more with an expanded range of motion. 

I lacked mental clarity, was tired due to a lack of restful sleep at night, had general joint discomfort, and overall just felt irritable. But by my 10th day of THRIVING, I was a believer! My general joint discomfort calmed and my fatigue was gone.” Mikaela Frank 80K VIP Brand Promoter

  • Weight Management+
  • Supports Healthy Joint Function+
  • Calms General Discomfort+
  • Antioxidant Support+
  • Lean Muscle Support+
  • Digestive & Immune Support+

Step 2: Lifestyle Mix Benefits

The Lifestyle Mix provides digestive and immune support to keep you going every day. 

“I noticed the changes immediately after taking the 3 Steps. I had energy, I felt happier, more motivated, and my digestive issues were going away.” Shawna Pringle 80K VIP Brand Promoter

  • Ultra Micronized+
  • Nutrient Mineral Dense Formula+
  • Probiotic & Enzyme Blend+
  • Antioxidant & Extract Blend+
  • Lean Muscle Support+
  • Weight Management or Fitness+
  • Gluten Free+

Step 3: Derma Fusion Technology 2.0 Benefits

Put on your DFT for all-day energy and circulation health – and even encouragement with positive messages like “I AM strong & courageous” incorporated into the DFT’s design.

“My favorite DFT is the I AM Edition. Not only does it help with my energy, but it keeps general discomforts at a minimum.” Kendra Ollinger 200K VIP Brand Promoter

  • Weight Management+
  • Supports Appetite Management+
  • 2.0 Delivery Technology+
  • Nutritional Support+

Want additional THRIVE benefits, including stress management, enhanced flexibility and immune support? Supplement your 3 Step routine with premium THRIVE Plus products like Le-Vel’s premium gel formulas Rest and Move as well as the nighttime DFT that supports your immune health, Recharge. For extra mood support, wear a Black Label/White Label DFT in place of your THRIVE Experience Step 3. When all 3 Steps of the THRIVE Experience are taken together, you can anticipate living, looking, and feeling ultra premium like never before! However you choose to THRIVE, you’ll feel like a new, improved person!

Learn more about the THRIVE Experience here.

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