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How to Set Fitness Goals and Crush Them

What fitness goals do you want to accomplish in your health journey? Whether you’re planning to slim down, build muscle or cut out sugar, we’ll show you four ways to set fitness goals and crush them, just like our Ultimate THRIVER Season 2 contest winners did. The Ultimate Thriver Competition is a 12-week physical transformation challenge created to inspire people to tone up, get in shape and THRIVE.

Be accountable

Confide in a friend, family member, personal trainer or an online community about your fitness goal. Their support and encouragement can often mean the difference between success and falling short. 

If you’re not competitive, find a workout partner. If you’re a private person, try keeping a journal to stay accountable. Do whatever fits your personality and helps you persevere.  

Take it from Cynthia Bao, Ultimate THRIVER Season 2 First Runner Up, age 34 & under. “When I saw myself in our family Christmas photos, I knew I needed to change,” she said. “I needed accountability and something that I could focus on. The Ultimate THRIVER Competition gave me a reason to stay accountable by uploading photos and pressing on even when I wanted to quit.”

Have faith in yourself

While having others in your corner is a big boost on your journey, you also need self-confidence. Know that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to (but keep in mind you should be realistic). A renewed faith helped propel Valentin Molina to win the grand prize in season 2 of our Ultimate THRIVER contest, age 34 & under.

“I was newly married and I had reached my heaviest weight and unhealthiest point in my life,” he said. “I had become complacent and lazy, and that isn’t who I am. I AM a leader! I AM a winner!” 

Valentin might have started the competition in his worst shape, but now he says he’s the healthiest he’s even been. Dig deep and tap into your own courage and determination as you pursue your fitness goals.

Know your reason

Everyone has a unique motivation. Yours may be a health scare, a desire to feel better, your upcoming wedding – just about anything. No matter your reason, make sure you’re being true to yourself and not following someone else’s idea of what you should be. Avoid copying someone else’s goal, too. Your reason has to matter to you to be truly effective.

Ultimate THRIVER Season 2 second runner up, age 35 & over, Kelly Demeter’s overall health as well as her son’s needs were her main incentives for improving herself. 

“Prior to the THRIVE Experience, I struggled with energy, motivation, wellbeing and happiness. The sudden death of my partner in 2019 thrusted me into becoming a single parent and throughout my journey, I constantly felt unprepared like I didn’t have enough strength to do it on my own, while working full time,” she said. “Then the Ultimate THRIVER Competition came into my view and I was determined to try and be the best that I could be not just for me, but for my son.” 

She lost 54 pounds over the past year with the aid of THRIVE products and intermittent fasting. “I could never put a price on how the Ultimate THRIVER Competition and THRIVE products gave me my WHY and life back,” Kelly said.

Set milestones or a deadline

If you tend to procrastinate or you’re someone who needs external motivation, give yourself arbitrary dates to work toward as you go along your health journey. One way to do this and stay accountable is by entering races and competitions. Our Season finalist, age 35 & up, Jeff Kauffmann, lost 30 pounds using the deadline method and plans to continue to do so. 

“I saw the Ultimate THRIVER competition and felt this was what I needed to get motivated to lose the weight,” he said. “I started running daily and working out again as well as strictly following my wife’s super clean eating. To stay motivated and not put the weight back on, I have entered The Bend to Whistler, a virtual race that covers 700 miles and you have six months to complete it.”

Your milestone could be December 31, your birthday or some other personal date. It doesn’t have to be of significance to anyone but you.

These are just a few ways to start a path to a healthier life. Get inspired by one or more, work hard, keep focused and stay true to yourself as you go after your own fitness goals!

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