how much does thrive cost

How Much Does THRIVE Cost? Less Than Your Current Morning Routine

To look and feel ultra premium may be priceless, but when we buy anything — no matter if it’s $10 or $10,000 — we weigh whether we’re getting a good value for the price. 

For example, how much money do you spend on coffee, breakfast and lunch every day?

A normal routine might look something like this:

Morning coffee: $3-$5

Breakfast: $4-$8

Lunch (fast food): $6-$12

Snacks: $1-$3

Daily total: $14-$28

That’s a significant chunk of change spent on things that don’t make you feel very good and that’s all before dinner! 

How Much Does the THRIVE Experience Cost?

To start the THRIVE Experience, you’ll want to buy either a 2-week or 4-week pack. A 2-week THRIVE Experience, with enough Lifestyle Capsules, Shake Mix and Lifestyle DFTs to last 14 days, costs $100. A 4-week experience, with enough LIfestyle Capsules, Shake Mix and Lifestyle DFTs for 28 days, costs $150, and a 4-week couples pack costs $300. 

But what do you get when you start the THRIVE Experience?

With its premium naturopathic and synergistic formula of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, amino acids, and plant extracts, THRIVE helps you experience peak physical and mental levels. While results vary from person to person, THRIVE’s 3 formulas work synergistically to promote weight management, cognitive performance, digestive and immune system health, lean muscle mass and more. Yes, you get all of that in a 3-Step routine that includes a shake you have for breakfast.

Is it worth the cost? Millions of Thrivers think so! 

What’s more, once you start the THRIVE Experience, you’ll not only find the motivation to make healthier choices throughout the day, but you’ll no longer crave coffee or unhealthy snacks — so that $14-$28 a day that we mentioned earlier stays in your pocket. 

How can I get THRIVE for free?

When you become a THRIVE Promoter, you can get the Experience for FREE through our Refer 2 and Yours is Free program! 

Here’s how it works: 

When you have two personal customers on Autoship, you’ll get THRIVE credits equal to the average of their orders each month. (If you have more than two customers on Autoship, we’ll calculate your credits according to the two largest orders placed each month!)

With Autoship, you get your THRIVE delivered to your door each month on the day of your choosing, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to put in your order or missing a day. And you can cancel Autoship, skip a shipment, or change your delivery date at any time up until your next scheduled Autoship date, so it’s not only automatic, it’s flexible! Are you ready to look and feel better than ever before?

Start your THRIVE Experience today!

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