Thrive DF

The Most Powerful Engineered Thrive DFT Ever: TAC DFT

Thrive DFT, a breakthrough in nutrition innovation, delivers Le-Vel’s unique, premium-grade formula for an extended period of time through the skin via Derma Fusion Technology. When used as part of the 8-week THRIVE Experience, Thrive DFT promotes weight management, energy and mood support and overall health.

But the new Thrive Against Cancer (TAC) DFT does even more. 

With its brand-new design and enhanced delivery technology, the single-application TAC DFT is the most powerful weight-loss engineered DFT yet. And with every pack sold, Le-Vel will donate $5 to a cancer-fighting organization.

Le-Vel has already donated over $1 million to breast cancer awareness over the years, among countless other donations, but the new TAC DFT takes the organization’s commitment to cancer research a step further. 

The Thrive Against Cancer campaign represents a year-long partnership with 12 outstanding organizations that provide cancer research, patient support, early detection and awareness. Each month, Le-Vel will designate a portion of DFT sales to fight a different form of the disease: 

February – colorectal cancer

March – kidney cancer

April – testicular cancer

May – brain cancer

June – Leukemia

July – Lymphoma

August – prostate cancer

September – bone cancer

October- breast cancer

November – liver cancer

December – pancreatic cancer

January 2022 – cervical cancer

“Together with more than 10 million Thrivers, we believe it’s possible to live in a cancer-free world,” said Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, “and we’re proud to support these 12 incredible organizations dedicated to making that dream a reality.”

The bold new DFT design comes in 3 different color themes that will cycle throughout the year. Choose your favorite or add TAC DFT to your Autoship and every 4 months you’ll automatically get a new color! 

THRIVE with purpose. Get your TAC DFT today!

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