THRIVE Biotic and THRIVE Balance

How is THRIVE Biotic Different from Balance?

Thrivers are asking “What’s the difference between THRIVE Biotic and THRIVE Balance?” 

We have you covered! In this post, you’ll learn the differences between the two supplements that support your gut health and digestion, as well as discover how they can both complement your THRIVE Experience regimen.

The THRIVE 8-Week Experience is 3 Steps you take every morning to fill your nutritional gaps and help you feel ultra-premium like you’ve never felt before. The 3 Steps, including Step 1, Lifestyle Capsules, and Step 2, Lifestyle Mix, contain vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and even some probiotics. However, only THRIVE Biotic contains the mega-billions of multi-strain living cultures that make up the pre and probiotic supplement. But first let’s cover Balance, a fan-favorite product that many Thrivers swear by.

THRIVE Balance Can Help With Your Digestion, As Needed

While Balance does contain probiotics, is not a pre or probiotic product. Think of flexing your biceps–that’s what Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Jason Camper uses as an example of flexion in your intestines. Balance is a formula of mainly specific enzymes and extracts designed to help your intestines with flexion. Balance’s ingredients help your intestines move and process the food all the way through to eliminate waste and toxins. More on how to use Balance with your THRIVE Experience, here

THRIVE Biotic Can Help With Your Vigor and Digestion, Daily 

Your body is a living ecosystem of good and bad bacteria, and the immune system is constantly battling the bad bacteria. THRIVE Biotic fills in nutrition deficiencies, more specifically, your good bacteria, to help you have the best gut health, immunity and digestion you could possibly experience. When taken daily with the THRIVE Experience, THRIVE Biotic’s pre and probiotic powers can give you the vigor, vitality and health you’ve been searching for. 

How To Use THRIVE Biotic and THRIVE Balance, Together

Take 1 – 3 capsules of Biotic and 1 – 2 capsules of Balance a day, preferably at night before bedtime. Start with 1 capsule of Biotic and Balance for the first few days and increase dosage if needed. 

“I don’t know of another system on earth that can deliver what these products combined can do. The desire to be Thriving means having the energy, sleep, and the look and feel you’re wanting on a daily basis–there’s nothing that can beat what this combo can do.”

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Jason Camper (IG: @jasoncamper

The best way to experience Balance and Biotic is together. Balance and THRIVE Biotic are simply different ways of approaching gut health. They don’t compete, because they go about your digestion so differently. Biotic will likely be something you do daily, and Balance you may use less frequently, when you need it at certain times. But it’s up to you to determine your preference!

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