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NEW! Le-Vel Cloud Office Assets for Le-Vel Promoters

We have some exciting Cloud Office updates for you that are going to level up your business game!

What is Le-Vel Cloud Office? 

It’s cloud technology accessible for free to all Promoters, as well as a perfect tech solution for you to scale your Le-Vel business as big as you want to make it. You can rely on Le-Vel’s custom online hub for order tracking, shipping, commissions, customer support, team sales, and especially for training videos and social media resources!

What’s New in the Cloud Office? 

Training Videos

If you’re still wondering if you could benefit from watching Le-Vel’s training videos, the answer is YES! These videos house nuggets of practical and tangible advice from executives and seasoned Promoters that can help you grow your Thriving business. 

Training Videos in Cloud Office
Facebook and Instagram Resources

We’ve added a ton of templates that you can use on your Instagram and Facebook Stories to share how you THRIVE. From products, to games, to all the THRIVE feels, we want to see you ignite your social game! 

Example Instagram and Facebook templates in Cloud Office

How do I access the Training Videos in Cloud Office?

If you are a Brand Promoter, log into Cloud Office.

Click on Resources in the left hand navigation, then click on Online Training Videos.

Cloud Office Home Page

Scroll down to the Deep Dive Training section, and there you will find new videos in the following categories: Become a Top Promoter, THRIVEpalozza Training and Social Media.  

How do I access the Story Templates in Cloud Office? 

Click on Resources in the left hand navigation.

Click on Documents & Downloads in the drop down menu.

Scroll down to the Logos, Graphics & Social Media section, and there you will find Facebook and Instagram story templates for: 

  1. The THRIVE Experience, plus other products
  2. Sharing THRIVE and the Le-Vel Life we all love!

BONUS: There’s so much more for you there, like custom Zoom backgrounds for your webinars and Facebook cover art. 

Be sure to check back every now and then as we will be adding new templates for you to use all the time!

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