The DFT, a Le-Vel THRIVE patch

What is THRIVE DFT? Derma Fusion Technology Explained

The Le-Vel THRIVE DFT, more commonly known as Derma Fusion Technology is part of the THRIVE Experience. The THRIVE Experience a premium daily lifestyle plan designed to help individuals reach peak physical and mental levels. It’s a combination of our Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Ultra Micronized Lifestyle Shake Mix, and our Premium Lifestyle DFT.

Ingredients And Benefits

As Step 3 of this 3-Step lifestyle plan, Derma Fusion Technology infuses the skin over an extended period of time (up to 24 hours) with our unique, premium grade THRIVE Lifestyle formula, which is different from the Capsules’ and Shake Mix’s formulas. The DFT formula supports weight management, mental acuity, appetite management and energy and circulation. If you’re interested in the full list of ingredients, check out the product PDF, here

When all 3 Steps of the THRIVE Experience are taken together, you can anticipate living, looking, and feeling ultra premium like never before! The THRIVE Experience’s 3-Step synergistic formula of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, and amino acids is like nothing your body has ever experienced! 

Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can differ slightly from person to person, depending on your goals, and which areas of your lifestyle need the most help.There are even different types of Le-Vel THRIVE DFTs, to suit your individual needs. 

Different Types of Derma Fusion Technology

Every edition of Le-Vel’s breakthrough Derma Fusion Technology infuses the skin with powerful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant extracts to support a healthy, premium lifestyle. But not all THRIVE DFTs are the same! Check out this post for a full list of DFTS and their individual benefits to help you pick the best one for your health and wellness goals. 

The Best Place To Put Your DFT

Derma Fusion Technology is designed for increased bioavailability. Your body absorbs more of DFT’s premium ingredients, and you enjoy the benefits over an extended period of time. The best place to put a DFT is on clean and dry skin, preferably on lean areas such as biceps (inside or outside), shoulder, inside forearms or top parts of buttocks.

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