Our Community’s Top 8 THRIVE Shake Recipes

What’s a THRIVE Shake? It’s commonly called a Lifestyle Shake and it’s part of the THRIVE Experience 1-2-3 daily system, a premium lifestyle system designed to help you experience peak physical and mental levels. Taken every morning, it can fill your nutritional gaps and even change your life, the same way it has for millions of others. 

‘Thrivers,’ also known as Brand Promoters and customers, took to social media to share their delicious THRIVE Shake recipes, and we put together the top recipes for you to try yourself! In this post, we will cover everything from smoothies, to blending your Ultra Micronized Mix with your favorite THRIVE Plus products, to simply sticking with the basic mixes. These are the tried and true ways Thrivers get shakin’ Monday through Sunday. 

Lifestyle Mix Smoothies

“Try a half a scoop of chocolate mix and half scoop of strawberry mix with 1% milk, ice and peanut butter. So good!”

Becky Hollenbeck

“I use 1/2 c of juice (usually orange or mango) about 1/3 cup of greek yogurt, a banana, a handful of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, add a handful of spinach and blend ‘er up!”

Stevee Paige Belli

“8oz of vanilla almond milk, a couple of ice cubes, 1/2 of banana, 1tbps of peanut butter, 1 packet of Chocolate Lifestyle Mix.”

Leah Hess

“My favorite is 8oz. vanilla almond milk, 1/2 c frozen blueberries, 1/2 c frozen peach slices, 1 vanilla lifestyle mix, all blended together with a 1/2 cup of crushed ice.”

Stacey Myden Whipkey

“Chocolate almond milk, frozen fruit mix, 1 packet of Vanilla Lifestyle Mix!

Janette Sherman 

Blend Your Favorite THRIVE Plus Products with your Lifestyle Mix

“My new favorite is a scoop of THRIVE Restore, a scoop of Vanilla Lifestyle Mix and orange juice!”

Shanna Burge

“I make my THRIVE Shake with Chocolate Lifestyle Mix, THRIVE Cafe, ice, milk, and water.”

Angie Jane Petersen

“Orange juice with Strawberry Lifestyle Mix & THRIVE Boost.”

Scarlet Hylton

Back to the THRIVE Shake Basics

“I love the creativity, but apparently years later I’m still sold on Vanilla Lifestyle Mix, cold water, some ice in my shaker cup and go. It just that simple every single day! 🧡”

Lisa Hickok

“A packet of Strawberry Lifestyle Mix with 8oz of ice cold water and garnish with a strawberry. Plain, simple and delicious! 😋”

Sarah Cumner

“The absolute best! I do an eeny meeny miny moe pick every morning, love them so much!”

Shante Armstrong

Start your morning with the THRIVE Experience and enjoy Step 2, your lifestyle shake in whatever way you like! Whether it’s a smoothie, combined with THRIVE Plus products, or on its own, all the Lifestyle Mix flavors are waiting for you to try so you can find out for yourself.

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