The DFT, a Le-Vel THRIVE patch

It’s a Match! Find a THRIVE DFT You’ll Love

In any relationship, it’s important to find someone who supports your goals and helps you be the best YOU you can be. 

The same goes for choosing THRIVE DFT! 

Every edition of Le-Vel’s breakthrough Derma Fusion Technology infuses the skin with powerful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant extracts to support a healthy, premium lifestyle. But not all THRIVE DFTs are the same!

So which one should you choose? You’ll want to select a THRIVE Lifestyle DFT that fits with your goals — and your style. 

Here’s a guide to help you pick your perfect match. 

Jump-start your THRIVE Experience with THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT with Fusion 2.0

If you’re new to the THRIVE Experience, this is where you’ll start. When used along with the THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules and THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix as part of your 8-week THRIVE Experience, THRIVE DFT with Fusion 2.0 promotes a clean and healthy lifestyle and aids with weight management. 

Even better than the original, THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT with Fusion 2.0 is the next generation of DFT, providing superior bioavailability and absorption to deliver incredible nutritional support and ultra premium results! 

Which one(s) will you choose?

  • Classic Green Edition (The O.G.)
  • DFT Chic Edition (An elegant combination of rose and gold.)
  • Purple & Pink Edition (For colorful personalities.)
  • I Am Edition (Because THRIVERS are strong and confident!)
  • Fall Collection Edition (Wear the soothing colors of fall all year.)
  • Special Team Hoyt Edition (Show your support!)
  • Navy & Blues Edition (For true blue THRIVERS.)
  • Wild Edition (Can’t be tamed!)

Go bigger and bolder with THRIVE DFT Ultra with Fusion 2.0 

DFT Ultra with Fusion 2.0 covers more surface area than THRIVE Lifestyle DFT and has the highest concentration of Garcinia and Forslean extract of any DFT, making it a supercharged version of the DFT original for an even bigger push toward your health and nutrition goals.

Pick your favorite DFT Ultra with Fusion 2.0:

  • Ultra 2.0 Green & Gold Edition (A classic.)
  • Ultra 2.0 Summer Gold Edition (Blue and gold, like a summer’s day.)
  • Ultra 2.0 Navy & Blues Edition (Reveal your true colors.)
  • Ultra 2.0 Wild Edition (Bigger and badder.) 
  • Ultra 2.0 Breast Cancer Awareness (Support breast cancer warriors!) 

Torch those calories with DFT DUO BURN 

DFT DUO BURN was designed for appetite and weight management and to push your body into a state of thermogenesis, which speeds up your system by burning calories and fat to give you even more energy than before and put you on the road to your weight loss goals! 

Ready to feel the burn? Choose one of these:

  • BURN (In high-energy pink, yellow, orange and blue.) 
  • BURN Metallic Gold, Silver & Black (For a more serious, cutting-edge look.) 
  • BURN Purple Camo (For those who want to stand out from the crowd!)

Make a statement with DFT Black/White Label with Fusion 2.0 

DFT Black and White Label place a focus on mood support and reaching and exceeding your exercise goals. When combined with steps 1 and 2 of the THRIVE Experience, a balanced diet, proper hydration and regular exercise, you’ll see your results skyrocket while feeling your very best.

Which DFT Label suits your attitude?

  • Black Label with Fusion 2.0 (A little dark and mysterious.)
  • White Label with Fusion 2.0 (The same formula as Black Label, but with a lighter vibe.)
  • Pink Label Breast Cancer Awareness Edition with Fusion 2.0 (Think pink!)

With a wide variety of DFTs, there’s MANY ways to customize your daily DFT look and get the results you’re after! Once you’ve found your perfect match, there’s just one more question: Where will you wear it?

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