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5 Essential Tips For Creating A Total Wellness Morning Routine

A total wellness morning can be the difference between an average or great outlook on your day. You can wake up to the sound of your alarm, hit the snooze button, and end up with no time for healthy habits like enjoying a nutritious breakfast or hitting the gym. Or, you can begin each day with a productive morning routine that encourages you to wake up early, set positive intentions, and take control of your busy life.

No matter which path you choose, the way you spend your mornings sets the tone for the entire day. If you begin each day feeling rushed or overwhelmed, then you can expect these emotions to stick with you as your day continues. Establishing a morning routine brings more structure and focus to your mornings. By beginning each day from a point of stability, you’ll experience less stress, and, even on those days when stress arises, you’ll be better equipped to handle it.

Successful celebrities and influencers like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, and Tim Ferriss all credit their own productive morning routines for contributing to their achievements. Once you begin following an effective morning regimen, you’ll find it easier to manage your time, stress, and any other roadblocks that stand between you and your personal goals.

Here are a few key tips for creating your own total wellness morning routine:

Creating Your Total Wellness Morning Routine

Now that you know the importance of establishing a morning routine, you may be wondering which steps you should take each morning to reap these benefits. Here are a few key elements of a successful morning regimen: 

Wake Up Early

From Oprah to Tony Robbins, almost every successful person shares this piece of advice. Routinely waking up early alleviates the stress of having to rush around each morning. It also gives you more time for healthy habits like eating breakfast, exercising, and taking the time to identify your daily goals and intentions.

Depending on your personal schedule, it’s a great idea to wake up between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM each morning. The first thing you should do upon rising is to express gratitude for a new day and drink a glass of water. If you’re currently using the THRIVE 8-week premium lifestyle system, then this is also a great time to take your premium lifestyle capsules!

Connect With Yourself

This step can take many forms, but it’s a great idea to allow some time to focus within each morning. So many of us wake up and rush to start the day without checking in with ourselves and setting positive intentions for the day ahead, but this step is vital for your emotional and spiritual well-being. You can connect with your inner self through meditation, prayer, journaling, or by consuming some form of motivational content like an audiobook, YouTube video, or podcast. If you live a busy life filled with work or family obligations, then this may be the only time of the day when you can completely focus on yourself.

Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is an essential part of everyone’s morning routine. Eating a healthy morning meal (like a lifestyle shake or an omelet packed with hearty veggies) gives you the fuel you need to start the day, and it also sets the tone for the rest of your daily meals. People who tend to skip breakfast or hit the drive-thru on their way to work also tend to gravitate towards unhealthy lunch and dinner choices. In the long run, this can sabotage your health and fitness goals, especially if you want to manage your weight.


Many of us complain about not having enough time to exercise throughout the day, but waking up early gives you enough time to go for a run, hit the gym, or even take a sunrise yoga class. A morning workout gives you an energy boost and brightens your mood which makes tackling your day much more enjoyable. 

Now You’re Set to Thrive for the Day!

Once you’ve completed the healthy habits listed above, you’ll have plenty of time left over to shower, get dressed, and get your day started without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. 
If you want to give your morning routine an additional boost, give the THRIVE Experience a try! This is an 8-week premium lifestyle system that offers benefits like improved cognitive performance, increased energy, and support for your body’s overall health and well-being.

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