Le-Vel cloud

NEW! Le-Vel Cloud Office Assets for Le-Vel Promoters

We have some exciting Cloud Office updates for you that are going to level up your business game! What is Le-Vel Cloud Office?  It’s cloud technology accessible for free to all Promoters, as well as a perfect tech solution for you to scale your Le-Vel business as big as you want to make it. You can rely on Le-Vel’s custom online hub for order tracking, shipping, commissions, customer support, team sales, and ...

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Le-Vel Car Bonus, a Le-Vel Company reward

Our Top 10 Favorite Luxury Vehicles of 2020

Road trips are back in style. Why not hit the highway in your own fancy new ride? It doesn’t have to be just a pipe dream. If you meet the qualifications, you can earn a Le-Vel Car Bonus of up to $1,600 a month to use toward the purchase or lease of a white or black luxury car, SUV or truck. Even better, the 40 Promoters with the most combined PPA ...

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What Thrivers Are Wearing This Summer

Say, ALOHA to new sunglasses! Le-Vel just announced the NEW Le-Vel Maui Jim Bonus. Promoters who reach the rank of 4K in their first 30 days will now earn a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.  What does that mean? If you are a new Le-Vel Promoter, and sign up four Qualified & Active Promoters in your first month, a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses are yours! With your bonus, you will ...

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Thrive Vitamins

My First 30 Days with THRIVE Vitamins

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know quite a bit about THRIVE vitamins, better known as the THRIVE Experience. It's a premium and synergistic formula of minerals, plant extracts, anti-oxidants, probiotics, vitamins, and amino acids. You’ve read about the Day 1 Thrivers, and the Thrivers who didn’t feel the difference until the second or third week. You’ve read about the Brand Promoters who have achieved financial independence ...

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The 7 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs that You Should Listen to Immediately

As THRIVERS, we’re always looking for inspiration, tips, and strategies for growing our business and becoming better leaders and entrepreneurs. But it can be difficult to get away to attend a seminar — or even read a book!  Podcasts to the rescue! Podcasts make it easy for busy THRIVERS to listen and learn while completing other necessary tasks, like driving, cooking, cleaning, or working out. And with more than 700,000 different active ...

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