New Outdoor Workout Ideas for Fall

At long last, that oppressive summer heat is starting to wear off. It’s time to get outdoors again! Need some inspiration for outdoor workout ideas? Here are several ideas, including a few you can get the entire family involved in.

Boot camps.

If you like the camaraderie of group exercise, but you’re sick of the gym, consider an outdoor boot camp for an outdoor workout. Many groups hold early-morning sessions in the parking lots of retail centers or at local parks. Boot camps are a fun way to get motivated, push yourself further and take your cardio, strength and endurance to the next level.

boot camp

Running/walking clubs.

There’s a club out there for everyone. Whether you prefer a few miles at a slow pace, you’re training for a distance-running event, or walking is more your speed, you’ll often find a community of people who share your interest. Some clubs meet weekly and follow their runs/walks with breakfast, happy hour or some other social gathering. A simple Google or social media search can clue you in to what’s happening in your area.

running club


What better way to appreciate the beauty of nature than with a fall hike? The average 160-pound person can burn around 430 calories per hour of hiking (source here). Best of all, hiking delivers serious benefits, from stress and anxiety reduction to lowered blood pressure and risk of heart disease (source here).


Yard work.

Here’s an original outdoor workout idea that will improve the beauty of your surroundings at the same time.  Working outside gets the blood flowing. Make it a fun competition. Who can collect the biggest pile of leaves? Or create a single pile, then let the kids dive in before you clean up.


Outdoor yoga.

Fitness enthusiasts in many communities are holding outdoor yoga sessions. Depending on the type of yoga involved, some sessions may be slower-paced to facilitate relaxation. Others get your heart rate up while you enjoy being outside in the crisp air. These are fun bring-a-buddy events and are made better with THRIVE Plus Balance to achieve your weight loss goals and  to conquer belly bloat.

outdoor yoga

Pick apples.

If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of an orchard, picking apples is an outdoor workout idea that can recruit all of the muscles in the body. You’re walking, reaching, stretching and carrying an increasingly heavier bushel of apples.

pick apples


Whether you hit the road, a dedicated bike path or a mountain trail, biking is an extremely effective low-impact exercise. Find a group to exercise with, bring a buddy or go solo. Just don’t forget the helmet.


Fun 5Ks.

Fall 5Ks are everywhere. You don’t have to be a super-fit runner to finish. Bring the kids, some friends and the dog, and just have fun.


With this long-awaited dip in temperatures, it’s the perfect time to venture outside and mix up your routine. Best of all, when you bring your family along, you’re teaching them that fitness is about both variety and fun.

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