5 Things You Need in Your Gym Bag

5 Things You Need in Your Gym Bag

What’s in your gym bag?

Here are five items you don’t want to leave home without:

1. Antibacterial wipes.

The website Fitrated collected samples from 27 pieces of gym equipment at three different gyms, then had them analyzed in a lab. The results were pretty scary; 70 percent of the bacteria was harmful and known to cause various skin infections and illnesses. The treadmill, stationary bike and free weights were the most bacteria-laden items. You can’t be certain that the equipment you’re about to touch has been cleaned anytime lately, so it’s best to be safe. Get yourself a travel pack of antibacterial wipes, and clean that machine down before your workout. And be kind to the next person who uses it by wiping it down when you’re through.

2. Your favorite Le-Vel gear.

Workout gear does not have to be boring or unstylish! Le-Vel carries a huge selection of athletic gear to THRIVE in – from tanks to tees to yoga pants and jackets – along with fun accessories like water bottles, blender bottles, hats, bag tags and more. So, you’ll not only look awesome, you’ll feel inspired to thrive throughout your day.

3. A first-aid kit.

Believe it or not, gym accidents do happen. Instead of relying on the gym for antibacterial cream, bandages and such, get yourself a travel-sized kit of your own.

4. An awesome workout playlist.

Music is a huge motivator for keeping your exercise going and pushing further when you’re feeling tired. Recent studies show that music can help delay fatigue and lessen the impression of fatigue during workouts. So take the time to find a music selection that appeals to you. Create a playlist from music you’ve purchased or use an online radio source like iHeart Radio or Spotify to get a workout mix that keeps you going.

5. A good snack.

You’re probably familiar with the recommendation to eat within 45 minutes of a good workout. Well, the best snack incorporates a mix of carbohydrates and protein! Thrive PRO Sequential Bar Technology is your best bet for premium nutrition after your workout. With 4 delicious flavors to choose from, Thrive PRO delivers 20 grams of protein per bar. With Thrive PRO, you get a lot of nutritional bang for your buck, and that’s makes it an even better snack choice for your workout.

How many times have you gotten to the gym only to discover you forgot your shoes, socks or something else that kills your plans to work out? Do yourself a huge favor: Pack your gym bag the night before, so there are no excuses. Then, when you work out next, you can the time to take care of yourself and burn those calories. That’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss because you deserve it!

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    YES! FORM is amazing as a post workout snack as well as pro bars!

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