The Le-Vel Cloud: The Wave of the Future

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The Le-Vel Cloud: The Wave of the Future

The Le-Vel Cloud is the cloud-based management system that Le-Vel employees, promoters and customers use to take care of business. The Cloud Management system that Le-Vel created is the most innovative, efficient, and lucrative operations infrastructure system in the history of the industry.

The Le-Vel Cloud allows Le-Vel to operate with the lowest corporate overhead possible – a huge benefit for customers and brand promoters because Le-Vel can invest more in premium ingredients for products – while still having one of the quickest response operating systems.

A huge benefit of the Le-Vel Cloud is that promoters and customers can log in to manage their business and order products from wherever they are.  That means Thrivers can design their lives the way they want with a flexible schedule.  Flexibility is nothing new to the direct selling industry, but the Le-Vel Cloud brings it one step further for the maximum benefit and ease.

Flexible Work with the Le-Vel Cloud

Le-Vel Cloud Technology enables us to work anytime, anywhere. At Le-Vel, we are a completely virtual company – the first of its kind in the industry — and we can do all of this because of the Le-Vel Cloud.  Our employees are based throughout the United States. We serve up training and education to our Brand Promoters through the Cloud office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You might think that flexibility only appeals to parents with younger children, but that’s not the case. Millennials, who will make up 50 percent of the global workforce by 2020, seek more autonomy in their work schedules. A 2015 study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that three out of four Millennials reported that work/life balance drives their career choices.  They want to be able to devote time to causes that matter to them, but without sacrificing their job security.


Flexibility Fuels Growth

With the benefit of flexibility, it’s no wonder that the direct selling industry continues to grow steadily. More than 20 million people were involved in direct selling in the U.S. in 2015, with estimated retail sales reaching $36.12 billion. That’s a 4.8 percent increase from 2014.  And at Le-Vel it is no different.  After only 4 years in business, Le-Vel has reached one billion dollars in gross sales – impressive growth for any business.

Bloomberg found that independent contractors prioritize and value being one’s own boss, flexibility in schedule and having a better work-life balance. More than three-quarters (77 percent) of them are highly satisfied with their work. (Source: 2016 Growth & Outlook Report: U.S. Direct Selling in 2015; Bloomberg Government)

Americans are redefining what it means to work, and Le-Vel is on the front lines of this movement with the Le-Vel Cloud. There’s no better time to chart your own course to success!




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  1. ReplySusiethriver
    As a Le-Vel brand promoter I find the cloud office to be fantastic! I have been in network marketing before and this is truly the wave of the future. Thank you Jason and Paul for an amazing product and intuitive business model!
  2. ReplyShell-1218
    Trying to find out more about promoting . I signed up today and can't find out A lot about it . How would I connect with people who can help me out with my thrive experience
    • ReplyLe-Vel Compliance
      Thank you for your interest in Promoting Le-Vel's Thrive product line. We will be happy to help you start your Thrive Experience! If you were not referred to Le-Vel by anyone in particular, please visit our Facebook Fan Page at and take a moment to read some of the amazing stories written by thousands of Thrivers. You can then leave a comment under a story that you connect with and the person you selected will send you a direct message through Facebook with more information on Promoting!

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