Next Stop: Toronto! The Newest Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway

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Next Stop: Toronto! The Newest Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway

Our next Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway is coming up on June 22-25, and this one’s going to blow you away! This Getaway is in an exciting location and a country we’ve never been to before. This time, we’re headed to Toronto, Canada!

Situated on the west side of Lake Ontario, Toronto offers a cool escape from the summer heat. This sleek and sophisticated city is going to be an amazing backdrop for your incredible vacation. Your home during your stay will either be the Fairmont Royal York or the Intercontinental Toronto Centre, both luxury properties in the heart of downtown Toronto. To qualify for this Lifestyle Getaway for two, you must reach the 4K VIP level for two of the three qualifying months (March through May, 2017). And, of course, we’re planning a Toronto VIP Surprise Event for qualifying Brand Promoters. Trust us – you can’t miss this one!

Check out the complete qualification criteria.

How does Le-Vel choose its Lifestyle Getaway destinations? What does it take to plan a fabulous trip for hundreds of people? We talked to Chief Operating Officer Drew Hoffman to get the scoop.

What are your thoughts on our next destination, Toronto?

Toronto is a great shout-out to our Thrivers to the north. We appreciate all they do. Toronto is such a dynamic city during the summer, and where we’re staying is right in the thick of everything. It’s going to be awesome.


How do you select the locations for the Lifestyle Getaways?

First, of course, we select destinations and hotels that we know our Brand Promoters will love. Our Promoters are active, fun-loving people (just look at some of the pics from Punta Cana for proof of that), so we make sure we go to exciting places.

From there, given our numbers, we have to find hotels that can hold our entire group. Sometimes this means doing more than one hotel, but we try to make sure everyone is relatively close and can easily get together. We also consider the time of the year. If we’re thinking about our summer Getaway, we’re not going to look at Cabo, Cancun, Miami, etc., where it will be uncomfortably hot. Our Director of Corporate Events, Camie, runs this entire process. Jason, Paul and I only really come in when it’s time to make the final decision or if Camie wants to walk through some of the options. She does a great job!

A lot must be happening behind the scenes to plan and execute these trips. What’s one thing that would surprise people about planning a Lifestyle Getaway?

So much is happening behind the scenes, both during the actual Getaways and leading up to them. Again, Camie is the driver of all of the details, and, man, are there a lot of details. The time, effort and high-quality work she puts in to these trips is nothing short of astounding. I won’t bore everyone with all of the details (hotels, party details, entertainment, Gear store, site visits, food options, VIP options, travel arrangements, research on the locale…sorry, I guess I just bored you all with the details). Just know that there are a ton of details that have to be handled flawlessly in order to ensure everything comes off perfectly, and Camie does it like the absolute pro that she is every single time. Thanks from all of us, Camie.

What has been your favorite Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway destination so far?

I haven’t been on all of them, but every single trip I’ve been on has been incredible. If you twisted my arm and I had to pick my favorite, I’d pick Punta Cana. The Hard Rock was awesome, the Friday night party outside was amazing, and you could see and feel what a great time the Promoters had. All in all, I can’t imagine it being any better. It will be tough to top, but I feel confident saying Toronto will take the baton and blow us all away.


What do you like most about the Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaways?

Is everything an appropriate answer? I love that the Promoters get rewarded and have an opportunity to visit amazing places because of their hard work and success. They deserve it.

Personally, I enjoy meeting Promoters that are on their first Getaway or folks I haven’t met before. It’s great to hear their excitement about being on the trip and being a Thriver. Our community is so amazing. Hearing the excitement, gratitude and happiness from the Promoters energizes me every time.


It makes it easy to work hard knowing that so many wonderful people are a part of this movement, community and company. Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaways really emphasize the sense of community and togetherness.

For those of you reading this who haven’t been on a Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway yet, you’ll be blown away by the trips, activities, camaraderie, etc. Make a goal to be in Toronto. You can do it.  And you’ll be happy you did!







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