Meet Jason Camper Co-CEO of Le-Vel

Meet Jason Camper

We sat down with Le-Vel Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Co-Owner Jason Camper to find out a little more about one of the men behind the amazing success and growth of Le-Vel.  From his beginnings in direct selling to skydiving, learn more about the entrepreneur, athlete and innovator who is Jason Camper.


Texas Roots and Big Dreams

Jason Camper grew up in Lubbock, Texas. His father was an air traffic controller and his mother worked for a university. It was what he describes as a very traditional and humble upbringing. While in college – first at Lubbock Christian University, then Texas Tech University – Jason discovered nutritional supplements and direct selling. He ultimately left college to pursue a career in the industry, and he never looked back. He worked as a distributor for nearly nine years before moving to the corporate side of dietary supplement direct sales. Along the way, he learned management, supply chain, commissions, software and every other aspect of the business he could. “One thing that I think is kind of special,” he says, “is that both Paul (Gravette) and I started right where all of the Promoters started – with hopes and dreams.

“One of the things that helped me,” Jason continues, “was something my father told me early on. He said that maturity doesn’t come with age. And I was introduced to this business at such a young age, in college. Being that young and talking to people — 90 percent of them older than me — sometimes you can get kind of intimidated by that. I voiced those concerns to my dad, and that’s when he told that maturity doesn’t come with age. And that’s something that has stuck with me.”

Going “all in” on Le-Vel was scary, Camper says. Plenty of naysayers said a cloud-based business model wouldn’t succeed. “I’ve definitely learned a lot of patience. It’s been a big roller coaster of ups and downs. If it’s taught me one thing, I think it has to be faith.”


No Ordinary Company

What does Jason like best about his job? “The speed of it. Le-Vel has always been so fast-paced. You’re not sitting around looking for what to do. And I love how we get to work with each other. I was never fond of the 9-to-5 corporate atmosphere. I didn’t like the politics. It felt like a soap opera, and I never liked any of that. I love how we’re able to work and communicate with everyone from a cloud, a virtual standpoint. And I like how I’m able to change up what I do. I might be heavy for half the day or three-quarters of the day on the ops side, the back end of the business. But then I can totally flip to the front. I can get on phone calls, talk about the product and the passion for this business. I love being able to change that up.”

Le-Vel is no ordinary direct selling company, and Jason Camper is a big part of that culture. “I say this in a very humble way,” he says, “but when people meet me for the first time, I think it catches them off guard. I think they expect someone in my position to be in a suit and tie at all times, and I’m not. I’m very down to earth. I’m probably running around in gym shorts and a T-shirt, on the phone working the business most of the time.”


An Active Life

Outside of work, “I love to play golf, and I love to travel. I’m an avid car collector. I’m an athlete at heart. I played soccer in college and competitive soccer my whole life, and I work out four to five times a week. It’s more for the mental relief. I love being able to get off phones and technology, listen to music and get a good sweat going. Fitness is just a part of who I am because I was just such an athlete growing up.” When asked if there’s anything on his bucket list that he has yet to tackle, he responds, “if I knew I could do it and I wouldn’t be so freaked out, I think I’d love skydiving or jumping off mountains with a flying suit, like those crazy guys in Europe. I’m not the most comfortable in the air, though, so I think someone would probably have to knock me out of a plane to skydive!”

Jason Camper and his wife have been married almost nine years. During their downtime, you’ll usually find them outdoors, sometimes with their “Schnoodle” (Schnauzer and Miniature Poodle). They also travel frequently. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Napa Valley are among their favorite destinations.


Inspiration for the Future

It’s clear that this is a business that energizes and inspires him. When asked what he admires most about Le-Vel’s independent Brand Promoters, Jason Camper praises their willingness to roll up their sleeves and get to work. “It’s been very uplifting to work with grassroots, salt-of-the earth people,” he says. “This business was built and is successful because of the dogged work that we put in to get it where it needs to be. It’s fun to see that in the Promoters. Nobody has been given anything. It’s been a true underdog story for me and Paul and for all of the Promoters who have succeeded, too.”














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19 thoughts on “Meet Jason Camper Co-CEO of Le-Vel”

  1. Let go sky diving Jason!! Me, Joshua Williams and Reid Stacy want to go before Dallas! Break that comfort zone my brother! 😄😄. I have tons of respect for you and Paul! Thank you for creating a company and product that has allowed me and my wife to accomplish the true underdog success story!!

  2. Great read! I’m a six-month Thiver and been a promoter since the beginning. I absolutely love Thrive and all the products you have helped create. So many changes in such little time all for the better. I hope to meet you and shake your hand in Dallas.

  3. Love your story Jason Camper! You truly are an inspiration to everyone who knows you. Big thanks to Jason and Paul for bringing this company into the lives of so many people. It has changed our lives both physically and financially!

  4. Thank you for everything you do Jason! Love this blog. I hope to learn more about others here also. I am thrilled to know you have awesome taste in dogs! My schnoodle, Winston, agrees!

  5. Thank you for sharing your background with us. I’ve never known this kind of info from any founder/CEO of ANY company for whom I have ever worked. You and Paul are visible and very much involved day to day and so down-to-earth. That is so very refreshing! Thank you for your vision, passion and moxie! You’re an inspiration to us all!

  6. So proud and happy to be part of this company and for you and Paul as well! I see Napa is a favorite destination. Please tell us where to find Nor Cal Thrivers if you know of any. We need a local! Working on that myself as well! Hope to actually meet you in Dallas in 6 weeks!!!

    Helen Carey

  7. I love this! I agree with you on maturity doesn’t come with age. My husband and I started our Construction Business in our early 20s. We have grown to be one of the largest construction businesses in Eastern Montana. The hardest part is not the work, but learning how to deal with people taking about you. I struggled with it horribly but now I have come to the understanding that we work hard for what we have and we take risks that most people wouldn’t. I would have to say that now that I’m in my 30s I am proud of what we have accomplished and cannot wait to see what the rest of our life has in store for us!

  8. Love this! It is really inspiring especially for people new to the company! It’s really nice to get to know the other side of the people who started the whole thing and have changed so many lives! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thank you for following your vision in developing a company that all of us Thrivers are living a happy and healthy life like never before! And promoters can live out their dreams financially by the effort put in! You and Paul are brilliant but I like how you are just regular common people too 😁 So let’s put on a wing suit and go flying!! I’m scared to death of heights but I would follow you, because I trust what you have done with Le-Vel, in getting over my fears (I’ll have to wear a diaper though) 😉

  10. Thank you for this Jason. You indeed come to us, as Promoters, as a very straight forward, honest and sincere leader and I appreciate that. I took on Le-Vel Promoting because you and Paul have such a clear understanding of what we are all trying to accomplish each day and that is something very special. I knew that commitment you provide from watching the company introductory video and large volume of training videos within the cloud from the moment I hit the Promoter button. Thank you for this opportunity and journey!

  11. Keep up the good work! I am just getting my feet wet now but I like what you are doing and have a feeling I can do this. I’m from a corporate world myself and have a lot of un-learning to do:)

  12. This company is truly amazing . So glad im apart of it. When I was introduced toTHRIVE, it truly changed my life for the best. April will be my 2 years of THRIVING, I NEVER WANT TO BE WITH OUT IT. My passion is for everyone to be on THRIVE. There is no reason for anyone to feel tired, unhealthy, can’t think clearly and are trying to drop that unwanted weight. Thank you guys so much for sharing.

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