Meet Paul Gravette Co-CEO of Le-Vel

Meet Paul Gravette

The Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Co-Owner of Le-Vel, Paul Gravette, took a few minutes out of his busy day to talk to us about the business and give a little insight into one of the men behind the world’s fastest growing wellness company.  From advice Paul has received to what’s fueling his passions, get ready to be inspired!

Early Lessons

Before launching Le-Vel with fellow Co-Founder Jason Camper in 2012, Paul Gravette was a seasoned entrepreneur, having spent 25 years involved in technology, communications and other ventures. Early in his career, Paul says, he was fortunate to meet several businessmen who taught by example and had a profound influence on him – particularly with regard to their work ethic. “I learned in my first business experience that if you really expect to achieve your dreams, you have to understand that dreams don’t happen without sacrifice. “I was around people who held each other and themselves accountable and worked hard 6-7 days a week.”

As Paul built companies from the ground up, he often thought of the best piece of advice he ever received, “’Paul, you don’t have to be 26 or 66 to figure things out in life.’ I think of those words at least once or twice a month. Advice is abundant about how to develop yourself in the business world. The key is to take time and absorb the advice, so you can grow from it.”



Forming The Dream Team

When he first met Jason Camper, Paul says, “I knew his name, and he knew mine, but we’d never been in business together. We started chatting on the web, and I wanted to get together to sit down, notepads and pens in hand, and figure out what would make a very different and effective business model. When we first connected, one of the things that went really well for both of us was that we felt like we could shift an industry for the better, in a very positive direction.

We really focused on building a business that people could connect to for free. We wanted to build this business through a free customer network. We wanted to build a powerful customer acquisition model where a customer could simply refer two customers and get product free. We kind of grew from there.

“When we were first starting the company,” Paul continues, “we established our lanes to run in. That meant that I was going to go out and build the future network of this business and make sure the network felt a strong connection to our company and had the tools necessary to be successful. Jason was going to oversee the handling of the day-to-day operations, the infrastructure.

That said, we both had to wear a lot of hats; for instance, at the end of every day, if we needed to handle customer service issues, we did it. Shipping stuff out on our end, mailing out packages, whatever it took to get the job done and allow the company to grow. Today, it’s very different because we have many people who fill the spots we once held. I’m out in the field about 20 to 30 percent of the time. The other time, I’m working on everything we’re creating that allows us to continue evolving and improving: software, new projects coming in, reports within the software, studying the database, timelines for the business, everything.”


A Passion for the Business

So why build a company and an opportunity around health and wellness? “Talk to anyone as it relates to their health, or their parents’ health, and you quickly have a conversation going, because it matters to everyone” Gravette says. “Unfortunately, most people are not giving you the best report, which means a lot of people can benefit from improved health and wellness. My theory is that if you see a niche, carve it out! 

There are tens of millions of customers who love supplementing their health to feel better or would love to do it if they came across the right product and company, so being in the health and wellness industry is a great place to be to help people.  It’s very fulfilling when you lay your head down at the end of each day; I hear so many stories when I’m traveling. People tell me they can’t believe how good they feel now. What would give me more fulfillment than this? It’s one of those things you can’t help but be passionate about.”

If he hadn’t been an entrepreneur, Paul says he would have gone into “entertainment, media – or, I would have done something related to my passion since I’ve been a child, automobiles.” In Paul’s off-hours, you might be surprised to learn that “I have an eye for design – landscape, architecture, interior concepts. I’m very big on visualizing how it all comes together. I’ve designed multiple homes—the landscaping, where the trees need to be, the interior decoration including the furnishings and the best layout. So many people go in and want to do landscaping, or build a home, and they just go with the plan developed by a designer, but you can build your own plan.”


One Happy Man

When asked if there’s anything on his “bucket list” he has yet to tackle, he responds, “I don’t really think about things like that. I’ll tell you what, though — I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing — but if everything years from now is right where it is today, I’ll be one happy man. It’s not that I’m complacent, it’s just that I’m thankful for my life, my family, and my ability to help millions of people everyday.”

As he reflects over his life and his career, what accomplishment is Paul Gravette most proud of? “I’m proud of all of my surroundings. I’m proud of my faith, my family, and I’m definitely proud of Le-Vel.”












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